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Note: Read this excellent article to get you headed in the right direction as you think about painting your RV.

5/17/99; 3.0 hrs; started building paint booth.


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I purchased 300' of 3/4" DWV PVC pipe and a box of tees, couplings, and els. The plan is to build a frame that will be covered with construction plastic. I intend to pressurize the booth with a fan and exhaust the air out the shop door.





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This reminded me of days long ago spent building stuff with Tinker Toys! I thought some bracing would be necessary since the pipe is kinda floppy; However, all I am trying to accomplish here is the construction of a tent, and once the plastic was installed, the whole works stiffened up nicely. Booth size is 12' x 20' x 7'. If this thing works then hopefully it can be disassembled and used in somebody else's shop.


5/20/99; 3.0 hrs; doing Bondo touchups on fuse and cowl.



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5/22/99; 4.25 hrs; working on paint booth.







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Four foot two-tube fluorescent light fixtures were jury-rugged to wood stands and located outside the booth. Good lights are a key to success in painting.







finsh195.jpg (15149 bytes)


El cheapo 24" box fan is mounted outside booth and sealed to the plastic with duct tape. Below is the oil-less compressor that will supply air to the respirator hood. Another fan will be added if deemed necessary for air flow.

(Note: I ended up just leaving the end of the booth open and letting the paint fog drift into the backyard. The fan did provide some air circulation in the booth for the gun operator, however. The main purpose of the booth is to protect the inside of the shop from was only partially effective...)




finsh196.jpg (13685 bytes)


Air conditioner filter is taped into place on inside of booth for fan. I am pressurizing the booth in an attempt to avoid sucking in junk around the edges of the booth (especially the bottom).







5/31/99; getting stuff pulled together and finishing up the booth.


finsh197.jpg (13686 bytes)


Here is the respirator hood borrowed from RV6 builder/painter/pilot Michael Delashaw. It has a perforated hose in the hood that is connected to the oil-less compressor. Tear-off shields keep the window from getting painted. The only marking I can find on the hood is "Survivair, #981801".






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This is a water filter that uses a roll of toilet paper for an element. It is from Motor Guard Corp. (415-838-7777), model M-60. I have been told that I will be amazed at the amount of water it will collect.






finsh200.jpg (26332 bytes)


Devilbiss HVLP gun (about $175.00) proved to be a good item for RV4 builder/pilot Mark Spry (Have you figured out yet that I have a tendency to borrow from builders who have already been through the painting process? This is why you want to network with as many builders as possible). Compressor needs to be able to supply 23 lbs at the gun regulator with the trigger held open.





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Since my 20-gallon compressor was struggling to maintain the volume needed for the HVLP gun, and I didn't want to buy a $400 60-gallon unit this close to the end of the project, I came up with this solution. Three 12-gallon portable tanks were plumbed together to form a 36-gallon reserve tank. The toilet paper filter is downstream of the tanks.



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All aluminum surfaces get rubbed down with maroon ScotchBrite pads and rinsed with water. (Remember when you were so concerned about maintaining the glossy finish of the aluminum and avoiding rivet set marks??) This is followed by PPG DX330 Degreaser just prior to shooting the epoxy primer.





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