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Building the Fuselage

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The Fuse Kit Arrives! (4/2/98)

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4/12/98; 3.0 hrs; inventoried fuse kit.

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Well, one of these days it will look like an RV6...







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What this photo doesn't show is the incredible quantity of paper stuffed into the shipping crate!






fuse-3.jpg (42014 bytes)


Eat your hearts out, non- pre-punched kit builders <grin>!

(Notice the free clecoes...)






4/14/98; 2.5 hrs; fabricated firewall angle splices; drilled firewall.


fuse-5.jpg (42372 bytes)


This is all the fabrication necessary with the prepunched firewall!







4/15/98; 3.0 hrs; prepared F602 parts for assembly; mounted control arm and mounts to bulkhead F604; prepared parts for F605.


fuse-6.jpg (34496 bytes)


AN426AD4 rivets were installed to secure the mounts to F604. This will hold the mounts in place even when the wing is removed.





4/27/98; 4.5 hrs; assembling F-605 bulkhead.


fuse-7.jpg (48442 bytes)


Drilling flange and seat belt anchors.









fuse-8.jpg (35557 bytes)


F-605 taking shape. A pattern is drawn on the bench and the bulkhead is assembled over the pattern.




fuse-9.jpg (50475 bytes)


Detail of angle attachment.








4/28/98; 2.0 hrs; assembling and riveting F-605 bulkhead.


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