Sam Buchanan's RV6

Building the Wings

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The wing kit arrived 1/30/98 after a fourteen (?!) week wait. I have broken the construction log into the following sections so you will not go to sleep waiting for the pages and photos to load.  Both wing panels will be constructed at the the same time so all mistakes can be duplicated. If you have questions or suggestions concerning this phase of the project, by all means, e-mail me! As usual, I am creating images with the great Kodak DC120 digital camera and tweaking the images in PhotoShop.


Spars Construction Log with Photos

Wing Construction Log with Photos
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Fuel Tank Construction Log with Photos
Page 1
Page 2

Flap Construction Log with Photos

Aileron Construction Log with Photos

Photo of wing storage cart



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Building the Wings
     Wing Spars
     Wing Assembly
  Fuel Tanks

Building the Fuselage


  Flight of  Rediscovery 

  The Beat Goes On 

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