Vertical Stabilizer Construction Log








11/5/97; 1.5 hrs; Drilled, deburred, and dimpled rear spar, hinge brackets, flange. Ready for priming. Man, this prepunched stuff is the way to go! 

11/6/97; .75 hrs; Primed rear spar, flange, ribs, and hinge brackets; clecoed rear spar components together for riveting. 




Ready to rivet; 
11/7/97; 3.25 hrs; Riveted spar componets; mounted spar into jig; checked alignment with skin; riveted ribs, front spar assembly; drilled skin; deburred and dimpled skeleton. 

Checking all dimensions against plans and predrilled skin. Once again, I elected to check the hole alignment before attaching the ribs and spars. Everything lined up as if it was designed that way. 
Plumb bob in use to make sure stab is square and straight. I put a mark on the centerline of the front spar. 

Skeleton in jig, dimpled and ready for final installation of skin. 

11/8/97; 2.0 hrs; Riveted skin to skeleton. Vertical stab completed except for installation of fiberglass tip. 






12/1/97; 2.5 hrs; attached fiberglass tip; filled and sanded, then primed. 

Detail showing aluminum strip inside tip to catch pop rivets. CA glue with accelerator was used to instantly attach the strips to the tip. 

The vertical stab is much easier to build than the HS. Kind'a wonder why Van's doesn't have us begin with the vert stab? 

Total time vertical stab; 10.0 hrs. 

The vertical stabilizer joins the HS on the shop wall! 


Let's Build the Rudder! 

Building the tail 



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