Rom Action Figure in the U.K.

U.K.  Rom comic
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Parker Brothers licensed Rom to Palitoy for sale in the United Kingdom. Palitoy decided to make him part of their already established Action Man line. Action Man started as a licensed version of Hasbro's G.I. Joe, but by the time of Rom's release was a distinctly British product. Palitoy's Rom figure apparently went on sale in 1980 along with Captain Zargon, the Space Pirate. A set of futuristic "Space Ranger" equipment was also added to Action Man's line of available accessories.

I believe the figure and his accessories were identical to the U.S. versions, but the packaging was different. Of particular note was the one-page comic that came with Palitoy's Rom, seen at right. (Thanks to Steve Berry for the scan!) In quick succession, Rom is able to demonstrate all his electronic abilities. Note that the bad guys are not said to be Dire Wraiths and exactly what Rom's Neutralizer does to them is not stated.