Rom Action Figure Description

NOTE: Links below are to sound files, which are available in WAV and MP3 format. The WAV files are of better quality and, surprisingly, smaller but the MP3 format seems more universal at this time.

Rom the Space Knight action figure

The Rom action figure was approximately thirteen inches high. The head and rocket pack were gray while the rest of the body was gun- metal blue in color. (I believe they were intended to be the same color.) Rom had articulation points at his shoulders, hips, and knees. His ankles could also move slightly, but I think this was more a by-product of the way he was constructed than intentional. Rom's arms, which were out of proportion to the rest of his body -- too skinny and flat -- were slightly bent at the elbows. His hands, which had a mitten-like shape, had the "fingers" bent back so he could hold his accessories. In short, he was slightly taller than a Barbie doll with about the same amount of articulation in his day.

Rom had two red LEDs for eyes in his box-like head. These glowed steadily when he was turned on. He also had two in his torso which blinked in an alternating sequence. On his back was a "rocket pack" that also lit up with red LEDs when activated. Rom's lower torso hid a speaker nearly as wide as he was.

Rom came with three accessories: his Energy Analyzer, Neutralizer, and Translator. All were made of the same grey plastic as his head and rocket pack. They were lit via a small insulated wire with an LED on one end (that connected to the accessory) while the other end plugged into a spot on Rom's rocket pack. The Analyzer and Neutralizer were each held in his right hand, while the Translator was held with both.

Rom ran on a single nine-volt battery which was covered by his rocket pack. He had a simple on-off slide switch on his back above his rocket pack. When activated, Rom's various LEDs came on as described above and he made a beeping noise (MP3) about every four seconds. (If the wire for his weapons is connected, it will flash with each beep.) His various functions were controlled by two, small, lever-like buttons directly below this switch. You pressed the left button so many times to choose the function and then activated it with the right button. These functions were:

The Rom figure was not a success for Parker Brothers. Although the comic book occassionaly made mention of upcoming Dire Wraith toys early on, none were ever sold. Rom comprised the entire line.