Dire Wraiths & Other Rom Enemies

Rom's primary enemy was the Dire Wraiths: a race of evil, shape-changing aliens from Dark Nebula. It was the Dire Wraith attack on Rom's home planet, Galador, that made him become a Spaceknight. The Wraiths had various creatures they called upon to help combat the Spaceknight, including Deathwings, Hellhounds, Thornoids, and Watchwraiths.

These were not the only enemies Rom fought, however. During his recorded adventures he also encountered a few cosmic beings, some of the Marvel Universe's super villains (and other malevolent beings), and fought with the Torpedo against the Rocketeers. Even on peaceful Galador, Rom fought Mentus and the second generation Spaceknights. Perhaps Rom's greatest single foe, however, was the being known as Hybrid, the only known child resulting from the breeding of a Dire Wraith and human.