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Rom & Company Elsewhere

The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Jeff Christiansen has taken some of my profiles (Serpentyne and Stardust, at the moment) and expanded on them. The following are also related to Rom:
Bring on the Bad Guys: The Villains of Marvel Comics
Has an entry for Dire Wraiths.
Bug Eyed Monster - Rom the Space Knight
This site has an excellent, yet brief, page about the Rom action figure with several nice photos.
Charles Wallace
The site of Chip Wallace, inker of Spaceknights #1 & #2. You can buy signed copies of those issues (signed by both Batista and Wallace) at this site.
Comic Book Resources: Features - For the Love of Comics
An interview with Jim Starlin, part of which covers his work on the Spaceknights limited series.
Comics 101
In August 2006, this weekly column by Scott Tipton gave an overview of all 75 issues of Rom in three parts under the heading "Rom If You Want to, Rom Around The World". (Any B-52 fans in the house?) Here are direct links to Part I, Part II, and Part III.
Comics VF ... VO : Rom
Information on the French printings of Rom, in French.
Galador Yahoo! Group
A mailing list for fans of Rom. I am a member of the group, but do not run it.
'Nuff Said - Rom Review
An archive of the Dutch fanzine. If you don't speak Dutch, I suggest using InterTran at the Translation Experts Ltd. site. Just be aware it translates "serie" (series) as "heat" and "Rom" as "read-only store."
New Warriors Issue Archive
Useful for reviewing the issues featuring Volx, Queen of the Dire Wraiths.
Chris Watkins' site is primarily made of cover scans of Rom #1-21.
Rom the Spaceknight
A page by the man who created the action figure: Bing McCoy. Originally created for Rom's 25th anniversary, features prototype photos and the 1979 Toy Fair promotional video.
The Second-Stringers of Marvel Comics
Has an entry for the Torpedo.
The Women of Marvel Comics
Has an entry for Starshine (and Turbo).
Covers Rom's time as a temporary herald of Galactus

Fan Art & Fiction

Alternate Marvel
A fanfic group written as "if the events after Onslaught were changed drastically." Features ROM and ROM Origins, both written by Ceoia Johnson.
Alteron's Gallery
See the Rom statue he made, third row down towards the right. Click the photo for more views.
GDMJR's Ode to Rom Spaceknight
Gary Martin, Jr. shares his ideas for some OverPower cards based on Rom.
Greg's Art Gallery: East Wing
Look for a good drawing of Rom at the bottom in "Frosh-chem Notebook, Part III".
The Guardians are a team of heroes used in a Marvel Super Heroes RPG campaign. Member Emerald Knight's origins are tied to the Spaceknights and the team encounters both Dire Wraiths and Rom in their adventures. (See the "Back Issues" section.)
Lost Knights
A fan fiction story wherein the Silver Surfer finds a lost Spaceknight.
MV1 is a massive fan fiction project continuing the numbering of Marvel's original titles (pre-Heroes Reborn).
  • Avengers #429, 430, and 431 form a story arc concerning Galador and Rom.
  • New Warriors Annual #5 features that team's trip into Limbo where they encounter many Dire Wraiths and another major Rom foe.
  • Seekers is a team "comic" with a horror theme. Issues 15 and 16 (currently unavailable) feature brief appearances by the Dire Wraiths.
Rom & Me
Check out Ceioa's Rom sculpture and drawings.
Rom and the Spaceknights of Galidor
An outline of and some sketches for stories about the rebuilding of Galidor [sic] by John W. Arnold.

Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game (RPG)

Dire Invasion
An adventure for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG.
Norseman Central - Rom
A more verbose version of Rom's Marvel Super Heroes RPG stats than I have here.


Comic Book Resources
For the latest comics news and for finding any page about comics.
Ditko Looked Up
An excellent site about Steve Ditko, the penciler who wrapped up Rom.
The Grand Comic Book Database Project
For finding out which comic book creators did what and cover scans. Because Rom requires going through a lot of romance books, here are some shortcuts.
The company that bought Tonka, who had previously bought toy & game maker Parker Brothers, creator of the Rom action figure.
Jim Starlin - Vol. 1
Web site of the scripter/co-plotter of the Spaceknights limited series.
The Marvel Chronology Project
A project to produce a chronology of appearances for every character in the Marvel Universe.
Marvel Comics
Publishers of Rom's adventures.
The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators
A list of who worked on which Marvel comics and where stories were reprinted.