Where to Get a Rom Action Figure

"Do you know where I can get a Rom action figure?" This is the question I am most frequently asked about Rom. At least it was before putting this page up. Unfortunately, since the Rom action figure is hard to come by, I don't know of any place that is guaranteed to have one, but here are some suggestions on where to search.

eBay (best bet)
This is the biggest auction web site on the Internet. You never know when someone might decide to sell their old Rom. However, as you may have learned when finding this page, a search for "Rom" usually turns up all sort of CD-ROMs and other items. I suggest searching for both "spaceknight" (one word) and "space knight" (two words). Well heck, why don't I just do it for you. At the very least, you should find some Rom comic books. (See the table below for possible prices.)
Toy Shop magazine
This biweekly magazine is full of ads from various dealers. I'm told there's usually one or two that mention Rom.
Ike's Toys
One person who surfed by my pages mentioned getting a Rom from this dealer.

The table below shows prices culled from auctions on eBay from mid-March 2000 to mid-April 2001. The table below shows the number of items that sold, the maximum winning price, the minimum winning price, the average, and the median. The average is the standard sum divided by count formula. The median is the number that is in the middle of all the numbers. Please note that just because an item received a certain bid doesn't mean the bidder actually paid for it. I have no way to confirm whether bids were honored or not.

Status Count Min Max Average Median

Please note that past prices are no guarantee of future prices. They could go up or down for no apparent reason. Also note that, except for MIMB, I do not rate items by condition as this is sometimes hard to judge from auction descriptions. Prices often vary depending on whether the figure is said to be untested, working, or partially working. Also note that some incomplete items will sell for more than others. (For example, a figure missing only the the cord vs. one that only comes with an Analyzer.) Definitions of terms used in the table follows.

"Mint in mint box"; like it was brand new. All items present: figure, Neutralizer, Analyzer, Translator, cord, and instructions.
The figures comes in/with a box, but it has anywhere from minor (the cellophane is missing from the window) to major (the box has been torn apart) defects.
The figures does not come with a box.
All parts of the toy are present: figure, Neutralizer, Analyzer, Translator, and cord. May or may not have instructions.
Any one or more of the above is missing.
Only a figure with no accessories.