Rom the Spaceknight Box

The following photos were provided to me by David Muse. He got them from John Stephens, and they are used here with Mr. Stephens' permission. Much thanks to both of them.

[Exterior of box]

The Rom, Spaceknight action figure came in a blue, rectangular box with a flap that folds over the front. As you can see here, the front of the flap has the "ROM / THE SPACE KNIGHT" logo above a picture of Rom holding his neutralizer and the text "ROM -- AN ADVANCED ELECTRONIC TOY" at the bottom. The back of the box has a sideview of the action figure pointing out various features. All sides except the front flap have text runners at the top saying "ROM - AN ADVANCED ELECTRONIC TOY" and at the bottom saying "LIGHTS - SOUNDS - LIGHTS - SOUNDS".

[Interior of box]

The back of the flap proclaims on the top half, "INCLUDES THESE ELECTRONIC ACCESSORIES", and has a photo and blurb about each one. The bottom half describes the figure's "BUILT-IN ELECTRONIC FEATURES": Advanced Electronics. Life-Like Respirator, and Energized Rocket Pack. The proper front of the box has a small windows covered in clear plastic through which the action figure can be seen.

[Rom with packing materials]

As shown here, the contents of the box are a plain brown piece of cardboard surrounding the action figure and having holes to hold its accessories, plus the cable to connect the figure and accessories and an instruction sheet. The figure is held to the cardboard by one plastic band around its neck, and possibly others.