Rom, Spaceknight Revisited

So why revisit Rom the Spaceknight? Well, on a personal level, Rom was the second comic book title I collected. (The first was Marvel's Star Wars.) It is also the one that is responsible for getting me into super hero comics because it was set in the Marvel Universe. I have many fond memories of those days.

But on a bigger level, Rom had its impacts on the Marvel Universe. Due to licensing issues, Marvel can't address those very well today, so it's up to the fans. During his 75 issues, Rom met nearly all of Marvel's major heroes. The series also served to tie up some of the loose ends left by other stories long before and visit forgotten characters.

For example, if you're a New Warriors fan, it was in Rom that Rich "Nova" Ryder was sent home from Xandar without his power. It was in Rom that the Torpedo was in his prime and met his death, leaving open the way for Turbo.

If you're a Hulk fan, where was it that the Metal Master made his second appearance, decades after his first? In Rom. Where can you find out what ever happened to the Missing Link? In Rom. Where could you find Rick Jones after the Hulk got sent to the Crossroads dimension? In Rom.

For X-Men fans, who made it possible for Forge to create the neutralizer that would strip Storm of her powers for some time? Rom. Who was it that gave Rogue a glimpse of what true nobility was? Rom.

Marvel fans today still remember, ask questions about, and bring up Rom on a regular basis. Sure, he's no Spider-Man, Hulk, or Wolverine, but he's been to the far corners of the Marvel Universe and back. Who else can say they led Galactus to a planet he could not eat?

I have lots of ideas for what needs to go on these pages, but my time to write it all is limited. Hopefully I'll get to it all as time goes by. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I've managed to put together already.