Rom the Spaceknight Ad

The following advertisement appeared in many comic books in late 1979 to early 1980. This particular one was scanned from the inside back cover of Rom #1 (December 1979). Be warned that if you're using a dial-up connection, it's rather large (220 Kb).

                    NEW! *ELECTRONIC* ACTION TOY!

From outer space to the pages of Marvel Comics... your toy store comes the mighty champion of of justice and
truth, the greatest of all Spaceknights...

                    has come...evil is on the run!

Rom's Energy Analyzer lights up bright red and makes strange
electronic sounds.  Pretend it allows Rom to see if creatures are good
or evil.

Rom's Translator makes eery electronic sounds and lights up.  Imagine
Rom has the ability to communicate with any intelligent being int he

Rom's weapon is the Neutralizer.  It flashes and makes electronic
zapping sounds.  Pretend it sends evil creatures to the shadow zone.

Rom the Spaceknight is a micro-electronic toy from Parker Brothers.
His Rocket Pods light up, his Respirator makes realistic breathing
sounds, and the three accessories shown not only light but make
dramatic electroinc sounds.  (9-volt battery not included).  You can
pretend he has come from a galaxy far away to share heroic adventures
with you.

ROM THE SPACEKNIGHT     [Parker Brothers logo]

Rom is Parker Brothers' trademark for its electronic sound and light
effect toy action figure.  © 1979 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915