Spaceknights Limited Series

Spaceknights was a five issue limited series released in 2000. It was set on Galador, approximately 20 years after the end of the Rom series. (How 20 years passed on Galador, but not back on Earth was not addressed.) Rom was not the star of the book, but did appear briefly. The true stars are a brand new, yet vaguely familiar, generation of Spaceknights.

Chris Batista was the one who proposed the series. Inker Chip Wallace and colorist Thomas Chu were his personal choices for those duties, although Wallace was unable to finish it. Starlin was brought in strictly has a hired gun. His involvement is best described with this quote from an interview with Universo HQ:

"I thought [Rom] was a pretty dumb character back in the seventies. I just took on the job of scripting the series so that I could pay for some parts for my boat."

Frankly, it shows. And I say this as a fan of much of Starlin's other work. Batista attempted to have Starlin's errors corrected, but not all the corrections made it through, which made some things even more confusing. Despite Marvel's repeated efforts to hype the series, it did not sell well. The first issue recieved just over 21,000 orders. By the last issue, orders were less than 14,000, making it Marvel's lowest seller that month (except for X-Men Universe, which was not aimed at the direct sales market.)