Rom's Allies & Friends

Rom did not spend 200 years fighting Dire Wraiths alone, particularly once he reached Earth. He was one of one thousand Galadorian Spaceknights assigned with the task of eliminating the Wraith threat. Although initially feared when he came to Earth, Rom soon found many friends. Foremost of these was Brandy Clark, who was also the first Terran to encounter Rom and became his first supporter. She later fought by his side as a Spaceknight and ultimately became his wife. Brock Jones, the Torpedo, became, in effect, Rom's deputy, charged with protecting the people of Clairton, West Virginia in Rom's abscence. This duty ultimately cost him his life. Later Rom was befriended by Rick Jones , perpetual sidekick, and Cindy Adams, a young girl burdened with the memories of a Dire Wraith. Rom also met many of Earth's super heroes.