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Mar. 7, 21, 28  Every Saturday 10 till 5:00 pm—$10 entry

Mar. 1, 8, 15, 22  Every Sunday 10 till 5:00 pm—$10 entry

Mar. 14—AIRSOFT! Pwn3d Day II  2nd annual FREE airsoft big game!

Mar. 29—Ft-12 3Man! Every player uses the same identical markers!

Private Games ANYTIME! - call to schedule your private game.

Print & fill out before arriving to save time:  Print waiver

Call 256-339-1601 to reserve a date for a private game now!

GPS Coordinates to Mt. Doom

N34 00.675 W86 46.073

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Here is a tournament where experienced ranked speedball players and beginners can compete and have fun as equals.  6 identical FT-12 markers are picked up by two teams entering the field.  Limited paint, mechanical triggers, gravity feed so the field is level.  It’s down to who has the best movement skills, tactical skills and good old basic common sense.  A brand new Tippmann FT-12 (donated by Tippmann Sports) or $100 cash first prize plus a trophy kept in the pro-shop with your teams name on it for bragging rights (updated annually with next years event winners).

Just $15 per man to enter and perhaps take home $100 while telling everyone you won the 3-Man tournament where only raw skill was used.  MiLP #2 field format, old ACES rules, certified refs.