Hungry Games

Welcome to Hungry Games - An Annual Mt. Doom Event

 Victors from all districts will gather in the Capital for a chance to show honor to their district by eliminating all other victors so that only one is left.  The winner of The Hungry Games.

                 Group players into 12 equal size Sector Groups.  Have them draw a sector number from the bag also each player takes a single Life Token.  Take each group to their sector and let them put their guns and ammo packs in a convenient location.  No one else may touch their personal equipment.  Return everyone to the Cornucopia.  Players begin by placing a foot onto the disc with their sector number on it.  To step off this disc during the countdown will mean instant death.  Several Mutts enforce this with markers in hand.

At the center of the Cornucopia is a spool covered with deadly weapons all ready to use immediately including swords, discs, eggs, balloons, paintball guns and lifesaving potions, body shields and sound tubes.  Anything thrown can instantly kill a Victor who is hit, however the body shield or sound tube may save you.  Also scattered about the field are boxes large and small that may contain very useful items or favors but some of the boxes are empty or filled with worthless items and you would be wasting precious time if you picked one of these.  Only the Live Balloons can be carried and used outside the Cornucopia.

                 The countdown starts with President Snow counting down from 60 to 0 then a loud noise signals GO.  You must decide if your best chance is to grab a few boxes and then run for your sector or stay longer and grab more boxes for the chance of gaining more tools and favors and potions on the field.  Remember what Haymitch said;  “The center is a blood bath so forget about it and run for the woods.”  Perhaps you can form an alliance with another sector or a few other victors until you are finally eliminated by one of them when you turn your back.  Most players will run into the woods and arm themselves with their gun and supply of ammo but for the first 5 minutes no personal paintball guns can be used to eliminate victors.  Use this time to get to your sector and arm yourself and form a defense or begin to search for the weaker victors and prepare to shoot them on the signal.

                 After 5 minutes the air horn blows one time signaling “Guns Active”; now paintball guns can be used.  Whenever a player is eliminated they must give their Life Token to the person who shot them.  Dead victors may then become Mutts.  Dead tribute’s Life Tokens may be traded to the capital for valuable gifts when you obtain as many as five or six.  After 5 more minutes the air horn sounds one time and Mutts move into sector one destroying all within.  In 5 more minutes the horn blows two times and the Mutts sweep Sector Two killing all humans and wait at the next border.  A air horn will blow at five minute intervals and signify which sector is currently being sterilized.  Listen to the number of times the horn blows signaling a sector falling.  If the number is greater than the Sector Number you are presently in, then you’ve already been eliminated because you didn’t clear out of the sector in time.  This means hiding in a sector for too long will only get you killed.  You must keep moving to the next sector.  Victors may move freely through the remaining active sectors but cannot go back into sectors already sterilized by the Mutts.  At the end of 60 minutes all remaining victors will be forced into Sector Twelve where they must destroy each other or face a huge hoard of relentlessly attacking Mutts.  There may be a brief pause before assault on sector 12 begins to allow mutts and victors to prepare for the end.

                 There can be only one winner of the Hungry Games.  May the odds be never in their favor!