About Mt. Doom Paintball Field

Text Box: Mountain of Doom Paintball Field is Alabama’s oldest operating paintball field and one of the 20 oldest fields in the world operating continuously since 1986.  Named after the volcano in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy because we’re on a mountain and because many unusual phenomenon have been attributed to this area.  There indeed seems to be a prevailing sense of dark mystery and awe to the woodlands and fields here and this has inspired some of the weirdest imaginable scenario games and stories from players that you could ever imagine.  Ask some of those who play night paintball about their experiences in the woods here or ask anyone who has ventured into those areas less used on this mountain about what they found and what they heard.  The black crows and buzzards follow you with beady little eyes that seem to convey foreboding.  Come see for yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  I hold no responsibility for your sanity if you are caught alone in the woods after dark!

MT DOOM T-Shirts

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Phone me: days: nights: 256-339-1601

Mail: Mt. Doom; 3071 Co. Rd. 515; Hanceville, AL 35077

Text Box: Orodruin.  -   Amon Amarth.  -  Mount Doom.
Orodruin the only known active volcano left in Mordor was lying upon the Plateau of Gorgoroth 50 Miles South of Isenmouthe and 30 Miles West of Barad-Dûr. Its base were 7000 feet wide and from its feet to its tumbled shoulders it reached 3000 feet. Above its shoulder towered its central cone like a oast or chimney capped by a jagged crater yet another 1500 feet. Above the base high in the upper cone but still far from the summit was the intrance at the Eastside to Sammath Naur and the Cracks of Doom. The road from Barad-Dûr went up along a causeway at the Eastside and turned 3/4 around the mountain at the base, took a turn back West and then East again before it reached the upper cone where it ran the last 1/4 to a full circle and reached the intrance to the firechambers.

Text Box: THE FIRST GAME OF PAINTBALL took place on June 27th, 1981 in New Hampshire with players Bob Gurnsey, Charles Gaines and Hayes Noel conceiving the idea of a survival game using Nelspot marking pistols.  Read about finding the first paintball field in an article by Steve Davidson in the 68Caliber website.  
    Did you know that the second game ever played took place right here in Camden, Alabama? Did you know that Cornelia Wallace was the first female to ever play paintball?  Did you know that Mt. Doom came into possession of the first NSG (National Survival Game) field owners kit in 1986 that was originally owned by Jerry Moss?  Did you know that Charles Gaines has a home in Birmingham, Alabama?  Did you know that Ronnie Simpkins, who shot Bob Gurnsey in the first game lives down in Wilcox County now?  I am compiling a history of paintball in the south and if you have anything to contribute like old photos, paintball relics, early adventures in paintball you’ve experienced and so forth then please contact me and I’ll get it down in writing for the archive.

A photo taken during the first paintball game ever.  Read about finding this rock and the first field here!