It’s been  several years since Mt. Doom has had a 24 hour scenario game and this one topped them all.  The Battle For OZ is the creation of Steve Ledbetter aka Dragonfire Scenario Productions out of Woodstock, GA.  Formerly doing games at Low Country Paintball near Savannah, GA. Steve has ventured into the woods of north Alabama and is bringing his special scenario paintball magic to Mt. Doom.  Mt. Doom made this event very inexpensive to participate in and players were given the choice of several great brands of paintballs to use.  Players were in for some unusual missions as Steve and his staff kept things moving at a rapid pace.  Another game is in the works for next year.

This game was the best scenario games held in the state of Alabama in 2015 and we’ll do it again in 2016 as Dragonfire Scenarios has agreed to return for another game in August.  Theme is Star Wars—The Mandalorian Files

Look for this game to be even better than the first.  Already two scenario veteran generals have agreed to sign on to our game and each will bring with them a number of devoted fans and teammates that will add to the realism and fun factor experience.  Watch here for developments and announcements.