Text Box: Ask your youth minister or pastor about bringing the youth out for a day of painball fun at Mt. Doom.  Night games are a lot of fun and the parents can grill hotdogs and hamburgers behind the netting while watching the kids have a great time.   Paintball games will bond youth groups and young adults into a friendship that will last forever.  They also form a great reference point from which adults and youth can join on equal ground to have a wonderful day of fun and healthy activity.  Prices at Mt. Doom are much lower than other group activities in the state and you can’t put a price on the amount of fun the boys and girls will have.  Free camping is welcome.  Be warned!  If you come once you might as well plan on returning at least two or three time annually!  The kids won’t leave you along after a visit.  I hope you will give Mt. Doom a try soon.  Call 256-339-1601 anytime to book a game. Or Message me on Facebook—search Mt. Doom Paintball Field and you’ll find us there.  Email address is clickable on many pages of this website as well.

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Church youth groups have become a specialty at Mt. Doom and I have been having some churches come out semi-annually for over a decade now.  I’d welcome your church to book a date here and start coming too.  Ages 10 and up can play and you can mix girls, boys, teens, young adults, adults and seniors all together for a great day playing paintball.

 You’ll also discover that a day at Mt. Doom is far less expensive than other church outing alternatives because my field is located close to your home (saving fuel costs) and you can order pizza from Pizza Hut or Domino’s delivered to the field saving on expensive restaurants.  The youth will have a great time and beg you to return for another paintball day in the future.  Young adults can even build paintball into a live Christian message about working together to overcome life’s problems.