The Next Generation of Paintball Sports
Text Box: What is Mag-Fed and how is it different from regular paintball or woodsball?
	A few years ago paintball manufacturers perfected the ability to feed paintball from a magazine into the gun in a reliable manner that very much emulates the way real firearms work.  Now players could carry spare magazines with 10, 20 or even 30 rounds of ammo (paint) in them and exchange magazines when needed thus adding to the realism of a real firefight.  When you get everyone playing using this system it becomes a lot of fun and requires much more skill than just spraying 200 rounds of paintballs into the brush and hoping you hit someone.  Not only does the cost of play go down but at the same time the adrenalin boost goes sky high.  Now mil-sim (military simulation) games can be held in a new fun way like they never could before.  
	Because not everyone has a mag-fed marker or can  afford a multitude of different type markers Mt. Doom has devised a way everyone can play Mag-Fed on a more-or-less equal footing.  Many of our rental Tippmann Mod. 98 markers will accept a simple clip on adaptor that feeds standard magazines and are available to rent.  I also provide players with standard hopper feed systems a simple gravity feed 50 round hopper that limits their ability to “spray-and-pray” hundreds of rounds from their gun.  Think about it—if their gun sprays 30 rounds a second they are out of paint in less than 2 seconds! (as if it would even feed that fast from a gravity hopper)  
	Industry leaders like MCS (Modern Combat Solutions) and RAP-4 (Real Action Paintball) are looking for fields that will sponsor Mag-Fed paintball events by offering sponsorship programs, prizes and a dedicated following of Mag-Fed players that will be attending events.  Mt. Doom is a ready and willing partner in these games and welcomes their arrival in Alabama.

UWL style games on a field prepared specifically for this game is available at Doom now.  Another Same/Same gun 3-Man speedball tourney where all guns are the exact same for all speedball players.  The Hunger Games XXXI. The return of DragonFire Productions 24 hour scenario game plus many many other fun events.  All priced low for family fun or for those traveling across states to attend.  Mt. Doom offers affordable and fun games comparable to those you pay $$hundreds$$ to attend.