Directions to Mt. Doom

Take best route to city of Hanceville, Alabama.  From downtown area head south on US Hwy. 31... go 1/4 mi. and take 1st paved road to the right (Co. Rd. 515) BIG Mt. Doom sign is there... go 2.5 miles to 4-way stop signs ... continue straight ahead and go another 1/2 mile up mountain and then start looking for the Mt. Doom entrance gate on your left.  You will see another BIG Mt. Doom sign.  Turn in the gate to the left under the leaning tree of doom and make your way to the Pro Shop ahead in the little green building.  Get ready for an unforgettable experience.  CLICK HERE FOR MAPQUEST TO FIELD

Phone me: nights: 256-339-1601

Mail: Mt. Doom; 3071 Co. Rd. 515; Hanceville, AL 35077


Text Box: History of MT. DOOM:  The first game was played in December of 1986 deep in the woods.  By 1987 Mt. Doom was given a name and started regular monthly games.  In 1991 an ice storm brought down hundreds of trees and large sectors were clear cut  of all pine and hardwoods.  A 2004 fire burned 20 acres and many bunkers and forts were lost.  Mt. Doom recovered each time adding more trails and bunkers after every disaster and the trees grew back.  You’ll find bunkers, forts and markers from other fields that have closed including Paintball Quest Field, N2 Paintball field, Advantage Paintball, Legion Paintball, Hurricane Mountain, Goodhope Paintball and numerous others that have made their way here.  You can see a detailed map on Google Earth.  You can come out and put your mark on the field by building a unique structure or bunker system.  You name the bunker and that’s what it goes by henceforth and forever more.  Our fields are perfect for Paintball and Airsoft games hosting hundreds of players.  We can expand when needed as we are only using a small portion of our private property on this mountain plus we’re surrounded by 1000’s of acres of Alabama timberland whose owners are friends of Mt. Doom and care not if we cross onto their property.   Mt. Doom keeps a lot of secrets about what’s out there in the woods so there are structures and places that will never show up on a map!  We’d like you to just “be surprised!” by what might be around any bend of the dark wooded trails.  Oh yea, many players have stated in all honesty that these woods are really haunted.  Come out and see for yourself but don’t say you were not warned.  Mt. Doom does indeed have haunted woods waiting for those with weak mental fortifications.