DO YOUR OWN TEST AT HOME  —– Pour a glass of water and drop one of your paintballs into the glass.  If it floats to the top then it’s full of OIL!  Remember your science class where they taught you that oil is lighter than water and will float to the surface?  Well that is what’s happening here.  Take your test one step further and squirt the paint into the water and stir if up good.  If the paint mixes with the water readily then it’s water based and is good to go.  If the paint clumps up and floats up to the top forming a oily skim and staining the glass THEN IT’S FULL OF OIL!!!  If you have oily paintballs you should then take the entire box over to your garbage can and dump them out!  This oily paint will gum up your marker, stain your clothing (as well as everyone you shoot at), ruin your goggles and everything it gets on.  The oil in this paint will kill the grass and other plants and is environmentally unsafe to use.  We will be looking for these paintballs at the field and if found, we’ll pour them into the nearest garbage can!

A second issue we have with some brands is how extremely HARD the balls are.  They won’t break on impact and they hurt the player being shot.  Paintballs this hard have been responsible for knocking players unconscious upon impact.  Even when they don’t knock you out they cause tempers to flare and often a return of fire from the player being hit that becomes abusive. We can’t tell you not to bring paintball that won’t break but be assured, your child who uses these balls will receive a punishing assault by the player who is “beaten” by the non-breaking balls, and the returned fire will break and will eliminate your child easily.  He really won’t have much of a chance of winning or surviving a game since breaking paintballs on your opponent is very important. For these reasons we require all of our rental markers to use FIELD PAINT ONLY

Pass the word so players are not disappointed when they arrive here with paint they can’t use.  Look for the words “ECO-FRIENDLY” or “ECO-FILL” or similar “ECO” terminology before buying.  When offending companies come into compliance with the rest of the industry we will allow them back on our field.

As of 2016 it has been noted that many of the above banned paintballs have disappeared from the marketplace due to the awful mess they make.  Players realize that cheap-as-dirt paintballs are just that… DIRT!  They cause you and your team to lose every game and that’s no fun at all.  Buy paintballs at the field and you’ll get fresh, excellent quality paintballs that break on target and wash off when you get home plus Mt. Doom sells them for prices lower than the Mega-Store!  Try them.

If at all possible please buy paintballs at the field.  We are struggling in the depressed ecobnomy just like everyone else and the revenue from paint sales goes a long way towards helping us stay open for your enjoyment.  Since our prices are often less than the sporting goods stores and our paint is always fresh from the factory it just makes good common sense to buy at the field.  We always have good fresh paint at reasonable prices that is good for the environment.              RETURN

What is a “zombie hunt”?  Well it’s something new I have created for your entertainment.  It has nothing to do with Paintball sports but in a very safe manner you will walk a secluded woodland trail and at ten locations you will engage realistic looking zombies with multiple shots from a .22 caliber rifle or pistol while a marshal watches out for safety and times you.  Each stage is different and uses different sorts of zombies from 3-D mannequins with steel plate heads to zombie silhouettes and even some with bobbing balloons for their brains!  Very young shooters, ladies, men, old dudes all can compete and have a great afternoon.  See us on facebook by typing search: Zombie Hunt at Mt. Doom

A cloud of paintballs shot into space could knock a dangerous asteroid off a collision course with Earth.

Sung Wook Paek, an MIT graduate student, says a spacecraft could fire two rounds of pellets full of white paint powder at an asteroid to cover as much of the rock's surface as possible. The Strategy...   , unveiled Friday (Oct. 26), won the 2012 Move an Asteroid Technical Paper Competition, sponsored by the United Nations' Space Generation Advisory Council.

It would take 20 years for the effect of solar radiation to push the asteroid away from earth.