Text Box: Zombie hunts have been archived at this time for renovations. I have an entirely new format planned for future events that are even more fun than the original.  Call to check on the status of the new field and to see about scheduling a Zombie Hunt for your family and friends during the fall months up until Christmas yearly.

Text Box: World War Z caught the human race by surprise and spread across the globe.  It’s been a year of struggling; eating old canned food, garbage and wild vegetation; whatever could be found.  You were lucky enough to find a car with some fuel in it and drove to the only place you could think of that might offer you some salvation… Mt. Doom!  As you reached the top of the mountain the car’s gas finally ran out and you coasted as far as momentum would allow.  That’s when you saw them, standing silently out there in the woods looking at you with those dead eyes.  You know them as Z’s, Ghouls, Chumps, Clods, Boobs, Walkers, Zeds and other less pleasant names.  They are all the same brain eating zombies you’ve come to know so well and they have locked in on your scent.  Exiting the car you make for the first trail you see leading into the woods and fumble in your pockets for some ammo.  The trusty little .22 caliber semi-auto has served you well in the past; anyway it’s all you have so you stop for a moment to load up the magazine while half-a-dozen Shamblers close in on you.  There won’t be much time between getting that last bullet into the magazine and the mag into the gun before they are on you so don’t screw up now… THERE!  loaded and unlocked, now zero in on the closest head and start the dirty work that keeps you alive.  Make your way down the trail and offer peace to these suffering skin puppets or become one yourself!   GPS for:  3195 CR 515, Hanceville, AL. 35077