How to reserve a Mt. DOOM private game and a pavilion in 4 easy steps:

First: Call (256) 339-1601 and I will check the schedule and help you pick an available game date.  Your reservation gets you one of three metal pavilions to set up under and your choice of 20 different fields for 5 hours and you pick the time you arrive.  You get a certified ref who will stay with you all day and insures safe, fair play.  These refs work for tips so if they do well please help them out.  Tip at percentages about like you would at a restaurant because these refs work super hard so your kids have an unforgettable fun time.  Pizza Hut (256-352-5355) and Domino’s (256-352-6116) will deliver hot pizza to the field in 30 minutes.  Youre welcome to serve refreshments. We sell soda, water and candy bars at store prices.    Electricity is on the pavilion with a fan included.  BBQ grills are available upon request. A new service offered is photography of your group during games including video!  The ref will create a 2 GB Jumpdrive of your event at Doom for you to take home and enjoy over and over again.  Share with family, on facebook or in emails anyway you like.  Just $30 for this option.  Please tell me in advance that you want the photo package because we’ll need to have camera and staff ready to join your group.

Second: Send in the reservation fee of $100 immediately or call and use credit cards.  We handle reservations on a first-come-first-served basisA game confirmation must be obtained before your game is secured.  The $100 deposit will be subtracted from entry fees from first 10 players.  $35 per person provides entry fee, semi-auto marker, mask, air and 500 rounds with 5 hours of play and a full time ref at your service.  Field Only Paint is required for use in my rental guns and I prefer you use field paint because many “made in China” brands are not allowed here.  I only make 3 private party reservations per weekend day so with all the extras you receive FREE, this is your best event deal.

Third: Call all your friends and invite them to come.  If they are contributing to the field deposit or paintball purchases then go ahead and get their money because they are less likely to back out on game day. Once your confirmation letter arrives you may make copies of WAIVERS , driving directions and other information provided in the package and forward it to your group. Visitors are welcome to call me with questions and there is no charge for those who are not playing.

Forth: When game day arrives, be sure all your friends have a ride or meet someplace, check their WAIVERS and come on down!  You can make up your own games or let our refs suggest games they know you’ll love.  Mom and Dad, take the day off!  Your kids will be in good hands on Mt. Doom and we’ll burn off all their “kid energy” for you in a fun and safe manner.  Birthdays, graduations, church outings, club events, frat-parties, family reunions, athletic teams, wedding parties, corporate training, all are welcome!   A business associate game can help build interdepartmental communications and team building skills.  Invite the boss, department heads and supervisors out to a fun game of paintball at Mt. Doom.

AIRSOFT PLAYERS WELCOME TOO!!!  Airsoft sports are growing rapidly in our area and we are building special fields and a QCB village just for airsoft games.  Right now I have very limited airsoft rental equipment so be sure everyone has everything you’ll need to play airsoft here.  We host several big airsoft games by well known airsoft groups.  Check them out on Facebook.



Text Box: Full Player Package (includes entry fee, goggles, semi-auto marker with all-day-air and 500 paintballs all for just $35.00.  This makes Mt. Doom one of the lowest priced full day entertainment packages you can purchase.  It is a lifetime long memory playing paintball and so much fun they will be talking about it for months after an event.  Many kids have held birthday parties here for years and years.  All their friends beg them to do it again and again.
Full case paintballs (2000 rnds)  $40.00 - or a bag (500 rnds) just $10.00
Pod Harness or protective vest - $5.00 ea.  Gun upgrades—$15.00 (full automatic)
Paint Grenades (come in 2 sizes).....….......$7.00 & $5.00
N2 & CO2 Tank refills.…………...................$3.00 (unlimited all-day-air option just $10)
Pro-Shop stocks items you’d need to play such as Hoppers, Pods, Harnesses, CO2 & HP tanks, Remote air systems, Goggles Systems, New & Used Guns and accessories.

Pizza Hut Hanceville will deliver your order to Mt. Doom usually in as little as 30 minutes!  Ask if they have any specials for Mt. Doom!

How safe is paintball?  Read medical report at: Journal of Family Medicine HERE