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3/6/99; .75 hrs; mounted Aeroflash power supplies in wings. These are the double flash units.




3/6/99; 6.0 hrs; installed interior and restraint harnesses. Click here to go to the Interior Page.


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This baby looks like it is getting ready to fly! All that remains to finish interior is installation of carpet.






3/7/99; 2.0 hrs; completed installation of landing lights.

3/8/99; 2.0 hrs; working on gear leg fairings.


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Spring clamps hold the trailing edge of the fairing together as the hinges are drilled.











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The fairing is held together by a hinge. The fairings are in two pieces so they will not buckle as the gear flexes.






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The completed left fairing. The hinge pin protrudes into the fuse to keep the fairing from rotating. Care needs to be taken to align the fairing with the centerline of the plane to prevent the fairing from acting as a rudder!

A bracket is fabricated for the bottom of the fairing and is attached to the gear leg with a hose clamp.





3/9/99; 3.75 hrs; completed gear fairing installation; installed wheel pants.


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Here is the cutout I found necessary to get the pants to fit over the brake calipers. The plans showed a cover over this cutout but I can't figure out how it would clear the caliper. I will attempt to cover the whole mess with the intersection fairing.






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3/11/99; 2.25 hrs; fabricated and installed oil filler door on cowl.



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Door was cut from cowl with a cutoff wheel. Shown is how the flange for the door was laid out.







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Flange is clamped to cowl as rivet holes are marked and drilled. No need to secure the hinge pin; it is trapped by the door opening.






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With the door is place and Camlocs inserted and latched, mark the rivet holes for the camlocs. Remove flange, countersink holes and rivet camlocs to flange. The flange can now be riveted to the cowl.




3/14/99; 1.75 hrs; fabricated and installed map pockets; installed holder for passenger side control stick.


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Map pockets consist of a piece of Lexan and an angle formed from 0.025" stock.






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Right side control stick is stowed on floorboard. Stick is secured by broom clips and strips of velcro.

I intend to be very selective about who is allowed to take control of the "Wing Removal Lever"....



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