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7/5/98; 1.5 hrs; inventoried finish kit.

9/30/98; Here is the proposed panel layout (as of today...). Printout is from Panel Planner software.


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The two large black dots in the lower center of the panel are the air vents. The vertical card compass may be replaced with a conventional wet compass.



Here is the screen shot from Panel Planner:

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I have devoted an entire section to the design and construction of the panel. This will take you there.


10/19/98; 2.0 hrs; fabricating canopy latch.


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Here is the latch mechanism that will catch the latches on the rear of the canopy.








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Detail of the release mechanism. The spring on the lock pushrod was too short so I made spacers out of brass tubing and small washers (R/C aircraft parts!).





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The drawings show the pushrod above the latch handle; However, it appeared to me that the pushrod had a much better angle to the latch if it was positioned below the handle.




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The outside portion of the latch. I intend to add a key lock, but I haven't yet decided how to do so. Latch is shown partially open.





10/22/98; 4.5 hrs; tapped holes for strut fittings; tapped holes in canopy latch pushrod; more canopy frame details; cut and shaped 5/8" plywood for fiberglassing into canopy forward frame.


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The customary procedure for stiffening the canopy frame calls for foam to be fiberglassed into the forward channel. I had some 5/8" plywood on hand which was a perfect fit, so I cut, sanded, cut, sanded, and generally made a mess of the shop by filling it with sanding dust. I used the wood since my last two airplanes have been wood and I was feeling bad about not having any wood in this one..........I feel better now.......


10/23/98; 4.5 hrs; fiberglassing canopy frame (yuck!); fabricated channel covers.

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My fiberglassing efforts, while quite effective at stiffening the canopy frame, looked absolutely atrocious! Since I couldn't stand to see the fiberglass every time the canopy was opened, I decided to cover the whole mess. You can see how covers were fabricated from scrap 0.32 stock. The covers are riveted to the channel with long 3/16 rivets, and glued to the side blocks with proseal. The frame looks MUCH better.


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