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11/26/98; 1.75 hrs; degreased engine for painting; removed hoses and gaskets for replacement.


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The engine is an E2D (150 hp) with 1192 hrs since factory overhaul (2992 TT). The crank checked good with no runout, and compression is good on all cylinders. The accessory case is fuel pump ready with the pushrod installed. Engine was purchased from Wentworth Aircraft.


11/27/98; 6.5 hrs; painted engine and accessories; reassembled engine.




12/4/98; 1.75 hrs; mounted engine; assembled heater box.


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This is the simple heater box kit available from Van's. It is easy to assemble.






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The dynafocal mounts have a reputation for being a pain to install; However, I must be living right since less than half an hour was required to get everything lined up.

One of the top mounts was assembled and tightened which allowed the other top mount to be installed. Then the lower mounts can be installed after the engine is lifted by the hoist.

Be sure you put the long bolts in the bottom holes.




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Now the work begins! The exhaust is due to arrive soon.








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12/7/98; 2.5 hrs; installed fuel pump; fabricated fuel lines.

Shown is the bracket fabricated to mount the pump. Bracket is .125" stock with spacers on the bottom so platenuts will clear the side skin.






12/9/98; 1.5 hrs; installed Vetterman exhaust system.


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The High Country crossover system is an expensive work of art! It fit perfectly.







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One of the biggest problems with any exhaust installation is supporting the system without inducing cracks. This clever system of support brackets is included with the exhaust. It is entirely shock mounted so there are no hard points.



12/11/98; 2.0 hrs; installed fuel and vent lines.



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