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1/26/99; 6.0 hrs; assembled left, right, and rear walls of baffle.


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I had to trim the valve cover cutouts slightly to get the sides to fit properly. The nose is trimmed only enough at this point to get the sides to fit inot the cowl.





finish73.jpg (44265 bytes)


Yep, it takes a bit of head-scratchin' to figger out the drawings that come with the baffle kit. I finally decided to just follow the sequence in the instructions and decipher it out as I went. Mistakes should be pretty easy to fix...





finish68.jpg (31569 bytes)


Detail of the retainer clip and "laced" edges on the left side of engine. The clip is easily joggled with seaming pliers.








finish69.jpg (29302 bytes)


Detail of support at rear center of engine.








1/27/99; 2.5 hrs; fabricated and installed left front baffle floor.

1/28/99; 3.0 hrs; fabricated and installed right front baffle floor; began installation of front baffle bulkheads.

2/1/99; 4.5 hrs; installed front bulkheads; trimmed baffles for proper cowl clearance.

The baffles require a lot of fitting and trimming. My installation is for a 320-E2D; Your milage may vary.

Here are some detail shots of the often confusing baffle system:


finish77.jpg (24666 bytes)


From the prop, looking toward rear of da plane...








finish75.jpg (21501 bytes)


And from the rear of the baffles looking forward...






finish82.jpg (28828 bytes)



Looking at right side toward left side of the plane...









finish78.jpg (28650 bytes)



And the left side, looking toward the right.









finish79.jpg (24738 bytes)


Beginning at top (clockwise): right front, right rear, left rear, left front.









finish74.jpg (33918 bytes)


This is how your brain feels after assembling the baffles...






2/2/99; 2.5 hrs; completed fabrication of baffles and primed for appearance sake; ready for reassembly and airseal fabric installation.

2/3/99; 2.0 hrs; installed SCAT tubing for cabin heat and oil cooler; fiddled with mag harnesses.


finish83.jpg (43097 bytes)


2/4/99; 4.5 hrs; finished mag harness installation; installed return spring on mixture control arm; installed blast tubes; began airseal fabric installation.






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