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The Society would like to thank you in advance for your consideration to become important part of our Family.  By Joining you can be informed on updates and changes made to the Family Tree and Website to assist with your endeavors.


Our webstore is one way to help US help YOU fulfill your quest through generous support and donations.

What is The Dumont Genealogical Society (TDGS)?
We are a not for profit group.  TDGS voluntarily supports users like you who may be general enthusiasts, first time researchers, intermediate or advanced.  The ancestral information was originally researched and provided by Father Joseph Napoleon.  In 1999, this website and a second volume of family members and the origin of the Gueret~Dumont blood line was produced.  A Dumont Family Reunion was held in Madawaska, Maine, June of 1999.  This was a tradition of the Acadian landing used in conjunction with the family reunion to unite, honor, and preserve the family heritage. 

Does the Society accept monetary gifts?
Yes.  Currently your donation is strictly voluntary and very much appreciative.  We use the proceeds to support further development, research,  website maintenance, and possible publication for the benefit of all to use.

As a member, is my information given to others?
Any information received by TDGS is only required in the traditional genealogical format.  We ask that no proprietary information be given to the society that would compromise a person's security or well-being.  We do NOT disclose or forward your information.  TDGS is built on integrity and ethical values.  TDGS will NOT sell information for profit, but only as stated through the acceptance of monetary gift giving for future volumes to go to print.

Why does the Society encourage participation?
Whether it's family info, word of encouragement, or monetary support, TDGS values your input and support.  So many people do not know where to start or begin there research.  Some want to know how their roots tie into blood line of this family.  Sometimes it's curiosity that leads to bigger and better things.  You are just as important as the person before you.  It's about heritage, family background, sharing, origin of your ancestors.  Everyone provides some small part of a missing link that benefits others.

What if I have already requested to join?
That is fantastic.  You are well on your way to becoming a more informed family participant that will benefit yourself and others like you.

Can I add other family members emails to your list of updates?
Sure. Emails is an easy medium to stay up to date.  We will not bombard members with trivial updates or minor website maintenance issues.  For items deemed significant to know, than you will be informed.  Otherwise, just visit our website at your convenience.

What types of formats of information do you accept?
You can include a variety of types of files and formats.  Some of the most common are:
Text file =.txt;  Word =.doc; Family Tree Maker = .ftw; Genealogical Data =.ged; Personal Ancestral File = .paf; and  Rich Text Format =.rtf;   Further details on these formats are found here

Your information can be forwarded via email to:  The Dumont Genealogical Society

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