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Dear cousins and cousins as a Jacques Gueret says Dumont.

In the year 1972, I was pleased to publish a work which I had entitled genealogical Affiliation of Gueret-Dumont, a genealogy of the descendants of JACQUES GUERET says DUMONT, arrived at Canada in the year 1691. This work, in spite of its gaps, was extremely appreciated by all those which had the good idea to get it and of good of other people who had the occasion to take note of it. For a long time the edition of this coverage is exhausted, but one continues with the claimer.

At the time of the publication of this work, it had been envisioned admittedly that a second edition was to be public to supplement the information which missed on certain families tells us the place and the date of the marriages and also to add the names of several families, rather many, which had not been reached until. Unfortunately, this second edition may never see the day... a means that a whole process works there, which could not faire, with my direction, which by the foundation of an Association of the Gueret-Dumont families of the Low-Saint-Laurent.

Indeed, the economic conditions have so much changes since 1972, that the cost of the preparation of one second edition of the genealogy of Dumont contemporaries would be practically prohibitory for only one person. For example, for item of the correspondence necessary to only make research, the cost would be multiplied by ten. When I started to make my research and to the edition of the work, in 1972, the letters were to carry stamps of 3, 4 or 5 hundreds; one would need 34 hundreds today of them, and soon, probably more.  It would be of same for displacements and good of other things necessary to make research. However, with an association of the families, research would be facilitated much and the cost of as much reduced.

As for me, the preparation of one second edition of the genealogy of FAMILY DUMONT is completely impossible because of the weakness of my sight and also because of my advanced age (my ninetieth year being already started).

However, I decided to make a supreme effort to offer to you, before leaving this world, the fruit of my many work in a Bouquet of information on our ancestors, both in France and in Canada, thus hoping to better do them to your culture, and also to incite you with better knowing you enters you an Association which would enable you to fraternize cordially.

In addition you will be able to take note of certain interesting characteristics of our great family, and you will be able to be built in front of the strong personality of some of the ours which deserve to be announced has your attention. It is only one quite small work admittedly that I offer to you at present, but the text is condensed so much by it that each sentence, often same each word, contains information on our Ancestors. One does not say: "In the small pots the good ointments"?... or: "It is in the small bottles that one finds the best perfumes"? I hope that one will be able to say of it as much of this small work which makes us traverse on some pages six hundred years of the history of our Family whose ancestors did not miss a value nor of glory.

My dear cousins, I am aware that it is a true treasure which I give between your hands. This small work cost me much money, but especially much of work, research, correspondence, voyages and tiredness. I dare to believe that you will be able to appreciate it with his value, that you will transmit it to your descendants so that they learn how to know their ancestors. It should be hoped that they will also learn that the value of a human person does not lie only in the nobility of blood, but also, and especially, in the nobility of the heart... Because, if our Ancestors of France belonged to the one of the greatest families of the French nobility, their descendants, in Canada, them did not miss of the nobility of the heart.

Indeed, to work so valiantly with the clearing of the virgin forest that they found while arriving at Canada, to be colonizers as they were, them and their descendants, under extremely difficult conditions, and with rudimentary means as it was their case, to sometimes happen to make of it a productive ground which is now our field, our richness, one needed a courage for any test, one needed, all things considered, the nobility of the heart. Like they, they will learn, to perhaps put in practice to it so beautiful CURRENCY of our French Ancestors who became ours:

With Honor.
Father Joseph Dumont

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