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Index of Persons

7186 individuals, 3031 families (4 Jan 2000) .

BEGIN by SELECTING between the RANGE of NAMES that are provided below.

For example: You need to determine where your LASTNAME falls in the list and then your FIRSTNAME. If your lastname is "DUMONT" and your first name is "LARRY", click on Joseph DUMONT -- to -- Robert HJ DUMONT

If your lastname is "Gervais", click on Cecile GAUTHIER -- to --Alfred LEVASSEUR

Each Page following a Selection, will be done in a similar manner.



? -- to -- Pauline CARON
Rina CARON -- to -- Marie-Marthe DUBE
Martin DUBE -- to -- Charlyne DUMONT
Christian DUMONT -- to -- Joseph DUMONT
Joseph DUMONT -- to -- Robert HJ DUMONT
Roch DUMONT -- to -- Arthemise GAUTHIER
Cecile GAUTHIER -- to -- Alfred LEVASSEUR
Alphy Leandre LEVASSEUR -- to -- Chelsea Marie MUNSON
Deborah Marie MUNSON -- to -- Nelida RIVERA
Clifford ROBBINS -- to -- Ingrid ZAFF


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