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Meaning Behind the Coat of Arms




As direct descendants of L’Seigneur, Jean de Meherence du Montmirel, by his daughter, Francoise de Meherence du Montmirel, the members of the family of Geuret dit Dumont have the right to adopt their coat of arm. It is fitting and desirable that we adopt it. It is a beauty and inspiring in its simplicity. It is still visible today if you were to go to France and see the ancestor’s house. It is situated above the main front door. It is weather beaten but can still be made out.

We can still visit where Jacques Gueret lived in 1665. It is presently owned by a Levesque family and has a stable of famous race horses. It is very interesting to visit.

The Meherence was one of the most ancient noble families of Bretagne, France. Their origin goes back to 1350, with Raoul Bouchard de Meherence. One branch settled in Normandy, in the region of Canchy and took the name of Meherence du Montmirel. Lord of du Montmirel belongs to "Fais Honneur."

In terms of Heraldic: L’argent is an emblem of clean honor, L’Azur is the emblem for perfection, L’Or is the symbol of Generosity, Loyalty and Glory, Fair Honneur speaks for itself. It shows working toward perfection.


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