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Dumont Reunion, 2005

On July 15-18, descendants of Firmin+Adelaide Dumont and Omer+Marguerrite Dumont was held in Plymouth, Mass. Cousins gathered from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Alabama, and Colorado areas. 118 in all were present to enjoy the beautiful weather, location, and festivities.


Dumont Reunion, 1999

On June 24-27, a Dumont Family Reunion is being organized by a committee of Dumont relatives in Madawaska, Maine who are from the Quebec and Maine area.

Dumont Reunion, 1997

July 1997, a reunion of the descendents of Firmin and Adelaide Dumont was hosted by Lorn and Leola Dumont of Falls Church, Virginia at their other homesite located on Long Lake, in St. David, Maine. 50+ people were in attendance; both adults and children. During this reunion, an elaborate display of photos were presented by Francis Dumont, of Old Town, Maine, and an Historical perspective was also displayed on the Dumont family history in words, maps, diagrams, and pictures. This was presented by Larry B. Dumont, of Harvest, Alabama. During the latter part of the day, Dick, Gemma, Larry, and Delores Dumont provided an overview of their visit to the MontMirel place in Normandy, France.

Dumont Reunion, 1995

The descendents of Omer and Marguerite Dumontmet in Plymouth, Massachusetts on July 9, 1995.

A special thanks to Lorna Dumont Gellner and all the individuals and participants who sacrificed their time and effort to initiate and reunite a group that hasn’t been together since Omer and Marguerrite’s 50th Anniversary in 1969. Many thanks to Richard and Gemma Dumont in getting the Dumont Genealogy started. A tremendous amount of information was gathered. Since the 1987 reunion held in Quebec,Canada, a lot of interest has sparked as a result of their efforts and continues to grow. Also in support of the Dumont history is information about the Roy family furnished by Frances Dumont LeVasseur. Lorn and Leola Dumont are actively continuing the genealogy tradition to research, obtain, restore any inconsistencies, or gaps in the current family tree and beyond.

Jacques Gueret was the grandson of Francoise deMeherenc du Montmirel. One the most ancient noble family of Bretagne, France. Their origin goes back to 1350, with Raoul Bouchard de Meherenc. His son Guillaume Bouchard, having recognized nobility by the judgement of September 9, 1388, abandonned the Bouchard name, and chose the name Meherenc. One branch settled in Normandy in the region of Canchy, France and took the name de Meherenc du Montmirel.

Francoise de Meherenc du Montmirel, the daughter of Jean de Meherenc, Lord of Dumont-mirel. In Montmirel,where Francoise de Meherenc was born, can still be visited today. Two family members have visited the Manoir du Montmirel. In 1985, Richard and Gemma Dumont of Augusta, Maine, son of Philip and Concorde Dumont. In 1994, Larry Dumont of Huntsville, Alabama,son of Lorn and Leola Dumont. The coat of arms over the entrance to the manoir has worn off, but evidence of a coat of arms remains. The Manoir du Montmirel is presently owned by Levesques. They raise and own a stable of race horses.

Dumont Reunion, 1994

The descendents of Jacques Gueret and Marie-Anne Tardif met July 20, 1994 in L’Isle Verte, Province of Quebec, to elect officers and form a Dumont Family Association. This reunion was in conjunction with the 300th Anniversary of our ancestors marriage in Canada. The family crest flag was raised on the original farmland, which is still owned by a Dumont family.

In 1994, Larry Dumont, son of Lorn and Leola Dumont, took advantage of an opportunity to go through France on his way to Germany for a business trip. Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Knowing that Dick and Gemma Dumont visited in 1985, he gave it a shot to ask them for information and guidance on where to go, who to see, etc... Well luck was on his side. When Dick and Gemma went they met up with Pierre Boulay, at that time, owner of the Hotel D’Albe located in the heart of Paris at Ste. Pierre train stop and only 2 minutes, by foot, from Notre Dame. Larry understands a little French, and can speak a little, but that’s as far as it goes.

Dumont Reunion, 1987

After 353 years of Dumont roots, the remaining descendants of Ste. Rose Ville Degelis and Van Buren, made plans to hold a Dumont Reunion on July 11. Dumont descendants are cordially invited to attend this special occasion. One day only, it will take place at 12 noon until midnight. It will be held in Ste. Rose Ville Degelis at the Community Center on 515 Rue de la Briquette. The afternoon will be spent in getting acquainted and then from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. will be guest speakers. A buffet dinner will follow, "des mets a la mode de chez-nous," highlighted with a dance from 9 p.m. to midnight, with music for all ages.


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