Did you have a coach for a high school history teacher that knew no more about history than what was in the text book? And he couldn't answer any questions if the answer wasn't in the back of the teacher's edition of the text book?  If all the history you know is what's in the high school text books, you've been left with a distorted view of alot of events in our country's history.  You've probably also missed out on alot of history too.

I like to look at history from "cause and affect" point of view.  I know that sounds like the boring part of history, but that's how you really learn from history.  Try studying the events that lead up to a certain event then look at the changes (good and bad) that came about because of that event.  I like biographies too (though not as much).  Most of the time we see great men in history as extraordinary men whose accomplishments are beyond the reach of us common men.  Read their biographies, you'll come away with a different point of view.

The internet has a wealth of resources for the history buff, covering subjects that you will not find in the text books. I've tried to put together a list of links covering various subjects in different periods in U.S. history. If you know of a good link that I have missed let me know.
The War of Independence
Contains information and links about the War of Independence.
Native Americans
Right now it just contains links about the Cherokee and Creek Nations.

The War Between the States (The Civil War for you yankees):
Self explanatory

The Spanish American War and U.S. Colonialism
American colonialism in the latter part of the 19th Century

The Thirties and the Great Depression
Hard times. Includes links about the depression, The New Deal, and famous 30's gangsters.

America at War in the 20th. Century
Links about WWI, WWII, The Korean War, and Vietnam War.

State and Local History (Alabama and Huntsville)
Self explanatory

Misc. U.S. History
Famous Disasters, Famous Crimes, Assassinations, and etc.

American Legends
Americans whose lives were the stuff of legends.

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