The War Between the States was also known as the War of Northern Aggression and The War for Southern Independence. It was known by yankees as the War of the Rebellion and the Civil War. I've been interested in the War Between the States since I was a boy. There were some very courageous men, on both sides, fighting for what they believed in. What was the war about?  Study the facts for yourself, and base your opinion about the war on the facts, not someone else's opinion.  Ponder this, what if Abraham Lincoln had abandoned Sumter (he was advised to do that), would the war have been averted and the Union reunited peacefully?
Here are a couple of essays that I have written:
Why We Fight
And They Wonder Why We Hate Yankees?
What Exactly Is A Lincoln Republican?

Following are some good links that I have found.
Nullification Confederate Generals
Confederate Soldiers John Wilkes Booth
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Nullification, The Seeds of Secession
Tariffs and Nullification

Confederate Generals
      While other generals had staffs and ate out of fine china. 
Robert E. Lee had one clerk, and ate out of a tin plate.
Robert E. Lee
Apotheosis of Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee Biography
General Lee's Right Arm
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Stonewall Jackson Resources
General Lee's War Horse, General James Longstreet
James Longstreet a North Georgia Notable
Longstreet Biography
The Longstreet Chronicles
Not one of my favorites, but an interesting character
Nathan Bedford Forrest - Wizard of the Saddle
The Forrest Preserve

Black Confederates
Shades of Gray: Did Blacks Fight Freely For the Confederacy?
On Black Confederates
Forgotten Confederates
Dixie Outfitters - Black Confederates in the Civil War Links
Defense Link - Black Confederates
Black Confederate Participation
Confederates of All Colors
Cherokees Fighting for the Confederacy
A Guide to Cherokee Confederate - Military Units, 1861 - 1865
Thomas's Legion

John Wilkes Booth

In my opinion, the worst enemy the South ever had,
and best friend that Lincoln ever had.
On the Track of an Assassin
A History of John Wilkes Booth
The Life and Plot of John Wilkes Booth
The Search for the Real John Wilkes Booth
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Poetry and Music of the Civil War Flags of the Confederacy
The American Civil War Overview The Great South Debate
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