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The Great War - The War to End All Wars
World War I
Did you know that King George V (Britain), Kaiser Wilhelm II (Germany), and Tsar Nicholas II (Russia) were all related?  George and Wilhelm were Queen Victoria's grandsons, and Nicholas was her nephew.  Read some correspondence between Kaiser Wilhelm (Willy) and his cousin Tsar Nicholas (Nicky).
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Famous Spy of WWI - Mata Hari
The Lost Battalion
Major Charles Whittlesey, Commander of the Lost Battalion
Did you know we attempted to intervene 
in Russia's Bolshevik Revolution?
Intervention and Civil War - 1918-20
American's Secret War, 1918-1920
The War Against Bolshevism
Some people blamed WWI for the Spanish 
Flu Epidemic that hit the world in 1918.
Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918
The American Experience - Influenza 1918

World War II
I wonder, what if we had never entered World War I, would there have been a better chance for peace in Europe? What if Hitler had never come into power, would the Communist Party have took over and Germany become another Soviet State?
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World War II Aircraft
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The war was not won without the sacrifices of those left at home.  Fashions changed so that clothes took less cloth.  Women did not have nylons and used leg makeup.  Gas, oil, tires, shoes, rubber products, meat, and sugar to name a few were rationed.  People raised "Victory Gardens" to conserve food.  All this was done so that the men and women at the front would have all they needed to win the war.  Men laborers were in short supply, so women went to work in then factories.
Food Rationing Stamps
Women and the Home Front
Lesser Know Facts of the War
African American soldiers WWII

Recognition of African American Contributions to American Military History
Minorities in Military
Frank Capra's Film, The Negro Soldier
The Red Ball Express
The USS Mason
Ship's Cook Third Class Doris Miller, USN
The Black Panthers Go to Combat in WWII
Jimmy Carter awarded the Black Panthers with Presidential Unit Citation for Extraordinary Heroism
The Tuskegee Airmen
The Tuskegee Airmen - A Tribute to My Father
An Unofficial Tuskegee Airmen Home Page
Tuskegee Airmen, The Black Red-Tailed Angels

Joseph Stalin - Co-Author of WWII - To me,
Hitler looked like a pussycat next to this guy.
Another view of Stalin

Korea - The Forgotten War

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Vietnam - Yesterday and Today
The Vietnam War
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Air Power Over Vietnam
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