There is an old movie called the "Fighting Kentuckian". It starred the unlikely team of John Wayne and Oliver Hardy. Did you ever see it? It was based on historical fact. Go here to read about Alabama's French Colony - Vine and Olive Colony.

Our most famous governor was undoubtedly George C. Wallace. I saw him and his wife (soon to be) Governor Lurleen Wallace once when I was in the first grade. They were visiting our school, going from classroom to classroom. I believe this was when Lurleen was running for the office of governor. I never really cared for the man, though he was, as far as getting elected was concerned, the most successful governor Alabama has ever had. One thing I do recall, good or bad, George Wallace kept his promises. Everyone that enjoys the benefits of having been educated in one of our community colleges owes George Wallace their gratitude. Read about him at the following links:

George C. Wallace
George Corley Wallace

One of our most famous scientists and educators was George Washington Carver.  These are some informative sites that I found while helping my daughter with a history project.

Black Inventors - George Washington Carver
A Ship Named For Him
The Legacy of George Washington Carver

Probably the most famous educator in Alabama, Booker Taliaferro Washington.

An Autobiography
Documenting the American South - Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington and Character Education

Fight'n Joe Wheeler, lieutenant general in the Confederate Army and later major general in the United States Army.

Civil War Home Page Biography of Joseph Wheeler

Some Misc. Alabama History Links
The State Name
Alabama Counties
Ray's Alabama History
The Fort Mims Massacre
Alabama In History
My Essay on the Union Occupation of the Huntsville Area

Alabama Genealogy Resources
Historical and Genealogy Links from RootsWeb
Firstmom's Alabama Genealogy Resources

Here a good source for Hunstville and Madison County History
USGenWeb's Madison County, Alabama Genealogy Page

The town that I spent over half my life in, Gurley, Alabama
There are two Gurley Homepages.

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