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This page contains new products, semi-custom products and / or "experimental" products. All the equipment here has been built and tested, but these items are not ( for various reasons ) completely suitable for "general retail" sales. Still, some folks might have an immediate need or a keen interest in this equipment, and inquiries are invited.

The posted prices are ( somewhat ) "negotiable", depending on customer needs.

FlightDopp DF UAV / RPV ADF : Price TBD, US$ 1800 - 2500

    The FlightDopp DF essentially is a PicoDopp DF with an integral VHF/UHF single-band reciever. Operation is 100% by remote control, via RS232. Designed for use in RPV / UAVs, weight is 9 ounces and power is 11 to 18 VDC, 105 mA.

    The dual-conversion receiver can be built for any 10 MHz band from 100 to 1000 MHz, with 1 KHz tuning steps. AM and/or FM modulation detection, audio out for downlink monitoring. Remote control of recieve frequency, AM and FM audio levels, and squelch level, via RS232.

    FlightDopp Includes five assemblies : one DF unit and four ANTENNA boards. The user must provide an on-board host computer ( and software ) to operate the DF and capture / employ the resulting DF data, as desired.

    Additional features are available : RSSI / signal freq error / SquealTone audio. State your requirements for a specific quote.

  • Single-band UAV / RPV Doppler ADF
  • 10 MHz tuning span, 100 to 1000 MHz
  • RS232 remote control and DF data output
  • AM and FM detection for downlink audio
  • Remote frequency control, 1 KHz steps
  • Remote control of AM / FM / squelch levels
  • Additional features per customer spec
  • 11-18 VDC operation, 105 mA
  • Assembled and tested : US$ 1800-$2500

more FlightDopp DF info

A & T : US$ 1800 - 2500
URX-1 Utility VHF / UHF Reciever : US$ 259

    The URX-1 Utility Receiver is a single-band VHF/UHF FM reciever with RS232 remote control of frequency, audio and squelch levels. Sold as an assembled / tested PC board, and created as a "companion" reciever for the DF equipment on this website, it can also serve well as a general-purpose FM reciever.

    The URX-1 design is very flexible, and can be built to span a 10 MHz band, ( from 100 to 1000 MHz ) in 1 KHz steps. URX-1 designs presently exist for 120-130 MHz as well as 140-150 MHz and 465-475 MHz.

    Measuring 1.75 x 3.78 inches and weighing 0.2 ounces, DC 10-18 volts with 30 mA "idle" load current, ( squelch closed ) the URX-1 is especially suited for situations where light weight, small size, modest power consumption and / or 100% remote control are required.

  • Single-band VHF/UHF FM "utility" reciever
  • 10 MHz tuning span, 1 KHz steps, 100-1000 MHz
  • RS232 remote control, vol/sql/freq
  • NV memory storage of control settings
  • 1.75 x 3.78 x 0.35 inches, 0.2 ounces
  • 11-18 VDC operation, 30 mA ( sql = closed )
  • Trimpots optional for vol/sql settings
  • AM detection optional
  • Assembled and tested : US$ 259

more URX-1 info

A & T : US$ 259
MicroBeacon TX APRS Beacon Transmitter : US$ 139

    The MicroBeacon TX is a 2 meter APRS beacon transmitter that reports GPS position / altitude at regular time intervals. User must provide an RS232 GPS reciever, an antenna and DC power, 7 to 14 VDC.

    Output power is over 2 Watts with 12 VDC, frequency 144-148 MHz in 1 KHz steps. User-defined message parameters, including TX frequency, call sign, repeat time and APRS map symbol. A free config program ( WinBeacon ) is provided to set parameters. ( see next item, this page )

    The MicroBeacon TX measures 1.20 x 2.20 inches, and weighs 1/4 oz. Sold only to licensed amateurs.

  • 2 Watt / 2 meter APRS beacon TX
  • 144-148 MHz x 1.0 KHz steps, user-defined
  • Lat / Long / Alt position reports
  • RS232 GPS input, NMEA sentences
  • Uses GPRMC / GPGGA sentences
  • 5VDC available for GPS receiver
  • User-defined message parameters, NV storage
  • Free CONFIG program ( see next item )
  • 1.20 x 2.20 x 0.13 inches, 1/4 ounce
  • 7-14 VDC operation, 10 mA ( idle )
  • Assembled and tested : US$ 139

more MicroBeacon info

A & T : US$ 139
WinBeacon Config Program for MicroBeacon TX : FREE

    The WinBeacon config utility program allows user configuration of the MicroBeacon APRS transmitter ( see item above, this page ) with an IBM PC, via a serial COM port. The program allows user selection of transmit frequency, transmit repeat time interval, callsign + SSID, VIA1 / VIA2, APRS map symbol/icon, and a user defined comment. When a new configuration is installed, the MicroBeacon will perform a test transmission on the new TX frequency for 9 seconds, to verify reciept of the new profile data.

  • Free CONFIG utility program for MicroBeacon TX
  • User selection of all major beacon parameters
  • Test TX verifies new data was accepted
  • COM1 thru COM8 selectable for output
PreDopp Audio PreSelector : US$ 109

    The PreDopp audio preselector is a module that extends the useful frequency range of a Doppler deep into the low VHF / upper HF frequency range. Doppler tone modulation at such frequencies is microscopic, and much too low for normal detection by a PicoDopp DF. The PreDopp boosts the DF tone level with a VERY narrowband ( sub - Hz BW ) audio filter, followed by significant audio gain.

    The PreDopp module does NOTHING to improve antenna sensitivity at low frequencies, so the hunted signal MUST be strong and / or nearby, to overcome antenna losses. Trimpot adjustments are provided for gain and bandwidth, test points are provided for the adjustment process.( requires use of a scope and understanding of the circuit operation )

  • Audio PreSelector for PicoDopp DF
  • Minimum BW = 1/8 Hz
  • DF tone gain = 0 to 30 dB
  • 12 VDC @ 10 mA
  • For low VHF / upper HF Doppler work
  • For strong / nearby signals
  • Requires tech skills to adjust / use
  • Assembled and tested : US$ 109

PreDopp TechNotes

A & T : US$ 109
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