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    YagPlot Polar Plot DF : UNDER DEVELOPMENT

    The YagPlot DF is a unique portable DF for use with directional antennas of any type. YagPlot generates a high-quality polar plot display of signal strength versus signal direction, using a PalmOS PDA for a display. ( 160 x 160 screen )

    An external receiver is required, and must be modified to provide an RSSI or S-meter signal to the DF. The DF itself has an electronic compass to sense direction. User must provide PDA display, receiver and directional antenna.

  • Portable "polar plot" DF
  • Sophisticated PDA display
  • Internal electronic compass
  • Free PDA software

more YagPlot info ( future link )
YagPlot IBM PC program ( future link )
YagPlot PalmOS program ( future link )

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