Doppler DF Instruments : Equipment Purchases


Almost all of the technical information about the PicoDopp ( and other ) equipment is posted on various web pages, on this website. If you can’t find the information ( or don’t want to try... the website has become very large ) then general e-mail inquiries and technical questions about the PicoDopp DF can be directed to me : Bob Simmons. International inquiries are welcome, my e-mail address is : ( please note the odd spelling... )

If you would prefer to speak to me by phone, leave a callback number ( pacific time zone, daylight hours = GMT - 8 ) at U.S. phone number 805-994-0618. It may be a few hours before I reply. ( e-mail is the fastest way to get my attention ) Specify the call is about DF equipment.


PicoDopp Equipment and Accessories :

  • PicoDopp Doppler DF : Six boards, assembled / tested
  • US$ 169available NOW
  • PicoDopp IBM Display Program ( WinDopp )
  • FREEavailable NOW
  • PicoDopp IBM Display Program ( MsDOS )
  • FREEavailable NOW
  • PicoDopp IBM Display Program ( GoogleHunt )
  • FREEavailable NOW
  • PicoDopp DF Website Program ( DoppSite )
  • FREE / US$ 99available NOW
  • PicoDopp PalmOS PDA Display Program ( PalmDopp )
  • FREEavailable NOW
  • PicoDopp MultiDisplay : Assembled / tested
  • US$ 169available NOW
  • PicoDopp Economy Numeric Display : Assembled / tested
  • US$ 69available NOW
  • PicoDopp Economy Pelorus Display : Assembled / tested
  • US$ 39available NOW
  • PicoDopp MiniAntenna : Assembled / tested
  • US$ 169available NOW
  • PicoDopp MiniMount enclosure : partially assembled ( no test req'd, see XDOPP page )
  • US$ 269available NOW

    PicoPlot Equipment and Accessories :

  • PicoPlot RSSI DF : assembled / tested
  • US$ 169available NOW
  • PicoPlot IBM Display program ( WinPlot )                                       
  • FREEavailable NOW

    Transmitters and Receivers :

  • SquawkBox Hunt transmitter : assembled / tested
  • US$ 119available NOW
  • MicroHunt CW Hunt transmitter : assembled / tested
  • US$ 59available NOW
  • MH+30 2 Watt RF power amplifier : assembled / tested
  • US$ 59available NOW
  • MicroBeacon APRS position beacon transmitter : assembled / tested
  • US$ 139available NOW
  • URX-1 Hunt receiver : assembled / tested
  • US$ 259available NOW

    NOTES : Transmitter purchases require valid amateur radio license… provide your call sign.

    Standard MicroHunt transmitters are encoded with CW message "MOE", which is repeated over and over at 8 WPM until station ident is sent at 15 WPM. Standard TX duration is 60 seconds, standard repeat time ( = time from start of one TX to start of next TX ) is 120 seconds.

    For custom CW messages, additional information is required from the user, to allow encoding of the CW message, into the micro. If you desire a custom message, custom TX time or custom TX repeat interval, please specify these parameters when ordering. Two CW speeds are available, approx 8 WPM and 15 WPM. Please consider CW speed and message length when specifying the message... don't try to send 100 characters in 10 seconds, even at 15 WPM.

    International-style hunts employ multiple transmitters on the same channel, carefully "timed" to prevent overlapping transmissions. The repeat time for each transmitter therefore is determined by the number of transmitters used at the same time. If the TX duration is 60 seconds and 2 TX are used, repeat time must be 120 seconds, 3 TX = 180 seconds, 4 TX = 4 minutes, etc.


    Caveats and Disclaimers :

    1. This equipment is only sold as assembled / tested PC boards, not as finished instruments. Additional assembly work by the buyer is required. Some technical skills are therefore required, including : ( 1 ) Ability to read and follow a schematic diagram, ( 2 ) Reasonably good soldering skills, ( 3 ) Mechanical assembly skills, and ( 4 ) Moderate metalworking skills, specifically for the PicoDopp antenna platform. Generally, it takes about 2 days to assemble and test a PicoDopp DF, ( at a moderate pace ) if all the skills, tools and materials are available.

    2. All the information required to build and use this equipment is provided on the website, and no additional information is included with the equipment when it ships. ( no "instructions" ) Potential customers should read the material on this website and then decided if they have the skills required to finish the assembly of the equipment, and use it. If doubts persist, consider getting help from a friend... it is almost impossible for me to "troubleshoot" a problem by e-mail, and several different problems can cause almost identical symptoms that are almost impossible to diagnose without actually "being there".

    3. The buyer must also provide the additional materials, hand tools and equipment to complete the assembly. Details about these requirements are provided in the web pages for the specific items, or questions may be directed by e-mail to Bob Simmons.

    4. This DF equipment is intended for outdoor use, in portable or mobile installations. It also is furthermore intended for use in clear areas or terrain, or at locations with a clear view of the horizon in all directions, as viewed from the antenna. Reliable operation in other circumstances simply cannot be guaranteed. Specific locations can generally be found where these instruments will yield inconclusive or even contradictory readings, and ( in such locations ) these instruments will be rendered useless.

    5. This DF equipment ( like all portable / mobile DF equipment ) often requires some user skill and interpretation for effective use. Experience is helpful and "staged" hunts can provide considerable help in learning DF "behavior" and limitations before the DF is actually employed in a genuine hunt.... don't expect this stuff to make you an "instant expert". ( you WILL be disappointed if you expect that... )


    Terms of Business :

  • Payment in U.S. Dollars only, PayPal purchases are preferred.
  • Orders must be pre-paid before shipment of goods.
  • Other payment methods include check, wire transfer, Western Union, etc.
  • If PayPal is used, Add 3% for domestic orders, 4% for international orders. add US$10 for domestic shipping, ( government Priority Post ) and US$ 30 for international orders. ( government international Priority Post )
  • Other ship methods are available, please specify your preference, but all are more expensive. For Australia, government Express Post ( US$ 40 ) is the best value and more reliable than Priority Post.
  • Provide a telephone number for international orders, in case local customs officials have a question when parcel arrives at destination country.
  • Discounts for orders of multiple items. ( varies, depends on how hungry I am )

    To Order :

    Send an e-mail to Bob Simmons. Please include the following items of information :

  • List of items desired for purchase
  • Desired delivery date ( if urgent )
  • The shipping address
  • The preferred method of payment
  • The preferred method of shipping
  • The application for the DF ( amateur hunts, SAR, robot navigation, etc. )
  • A brief description of your experience, particularly construction and radio experience

    Be aware, some shipping methods require a signature for delivery, so a post office box or a "mail drop" is not acceptable. Some shipping methods do not have insurance, and some do not have the ability to trace or track the delivery progress of the parcel... If these features are desired, please investigate them when identifying the preferred method of shipment, and specify your desire for these features, in the order.

    Orders placed without an e-mail communications will be delayed, or may even be declined.

    Transmitter purchases require a valid amateur radio license… provide your call sign, it will be checked against public records.