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Have you seen Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator listed somewhere we don't know about? Drop us a line! Don't think, "oh, someone else will tell them," because it is very rare for more than one person to tell us about any listing. Those that inform us about new sites will be given our sincere thanks. (Hey, what do you want out of a personal home page?)

Top One-Day Hits Over 1000
Originating Site DateHits
UselessJunk.net and WinXPnews28 Jun 20055703
Blue's News7 Mar 20014746
InkTank28 Feb 20012487
WinXPnews27 Jun 20052405
FARK.com2 Sep 20012030
Steve Jackson Games26 May 20001642
UselessJunk.net and WinXPnews29 Jun 20051641
Blue's News8 Mar 20011604
InkTank1 Mar 20011492
[Censored 2]13 Oct 19991426
[Censored 3]12 Oct 20041356
TechTV4 May 20011328
TechTV3 May 20011208
[Censored 1]12 Oct 19991256
FARK.com3 Sep 20011199
[Censored 3]13 Oct 20041142
Ripper's Majic Bus30 Jun 20051122
Uzful.org19 Jul 20051033

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator is or has been listed in the following places (in roughly chronological order, most recent first):


Uzful.org - Online Generators
It's sometimes hard to be sure when I find record hits the day after they happen, but it appears Uzful.org adding us to their site pushed hits here to 1033. It looks like the Generator may have been mentioned in a couple of online forums, too, which is probably what got hits past the 1000 mark. (19 Jul 2005)
Ripper's Majic Bus
After a long dry spell, things are really hopping. As UselessJunk.net and WinXPNews fall off the list of top domains providing hits, MajicBus.us, a somewhat eclectic group of forums, rises to again push the number of hits over 1000, ending at 1122. (30 Jun 2005)
One day after WinXPnews posted the link (see below), someone else posted it on the forums at a site called UselessJunk.net. It seems this very simply posting caused even more hits than WinXPnews. Together they've set a new record for number of hits in a day: 5703! (28 Jun 2005)
Issue #182 of this e-zine, obviously dedicated to Windows XP users, listed the Generator in their "Fave Links" section. The day it went up, hits on the site reached 2405. Typical hits right now are 400-600 per day. Thanks to Nancy and Richard for their separate e-mails telling me it was listed. (27 Jun 2005)


It's October 12th, five years later and the Generator gets another surge of hits from an adult site. The site, which features "a collection of life's priceless moments, caught on film," picked us as their "Weird Link." I believe it's for a single day, but the page in question has two days worth of links shown. It's resulted in 1356 hits on 12 Oct and 1142 hits on 13 Oct. Typical hits are 400-500 per day right now. (12 Oct 2004)
The Guardian of London (U.K.) mentioned the Generator in their "Web Watch" column along with a short list of other name generators. Thanks to Jack Shuttlesworth for letting me know. (12 Feb 2004)


Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine #184
In July 2004, Brandon Adkins let me know that he saw a link to the Generator in a back issue of this e-zine. (c. late Oct 2003)
PHP/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Andy Harris
In early 2003, Mr. Harris contacted me for permission to use some of the names from my site in his latest book. I said yes, naturally. Oh, and no, this site makes use of neither PHP nor MySQL. The former didn't exist when it was created and the latter would be overkill for this site. (Thanks to Brian Gordon for being the only one to e-mail me about it in the months between the book's release and my actually getting one.) (3 Jun 2003)
BBC Radio 2: Miles Mendoza's Website of the Day
A funny thing happened in February. BBC Radio 2 was all set to air their segment featuring my site, but the events of the day pre-empted it. So they aired it in June and listed it on their web site again. There were 981 hits on June 19th and 841 on June 20th. (It was mentioned in a Transformers forum at the same time, which contributed to the hits and may be a secondary reason the numbers were higher this time.) Unfortunately, due to an e-mail glitch, I missed my opportunity to hear it. Anyone happen to have it recorded? (19 Jun 2003)
BBC Radio 2: Miles Mendoza's Website of the Day
I just happened to check the stats the day after Mr. Mendoza selected the site. On February 12th, when it was selected, there were 600 hits; the following day, 795; and 581 on the 14th. All up from the normal 300-400+ of the previous two weeks. Not bad considering it only appeared on their web site and didn't air (see above). (12 Feb 2003)
Asimov's Science Fiction
James Patrick Kelly included the Generator in his list of humorous sites for the March 2003 issue. For a while, at least, you can find it here. Thanks to Tom Hart for pointing it out. (Jan 2003)


Mac OS X Hints
When the owner of this site went on vacation August 7-12, he left a list of ten sites "to occupy your now hint-free time." The Generator was one of them. This boosted hits on the 7th from the normal 300-400 to 820. The next two days saw 572 and 495 hits and then things were back to normal. (7 Aug 2002)


The Generator made FARK's daily list of links, resulting in 2030 links that day (and 1199 the next). (2 Sep 2001)
TechTV Geek Site of the Day (almost)
Three name generators were TechTV's Geek Site of the Day on 3 May 2001, but the Super-Hero Generator wasn't one of them. It was, however, included as a bonus site. This appears to have resulted in significant hits; 1208 on 3 May and 1328 on 4 May. (3 May 2001)
Wasted Youth
This 'blog included a link to us as part of it's "Pic of the Day". It's resulted in a fair share of hits since. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the author seemed to have network problems that kept him from changing it for a couple days. (9 Mar 2001)
Blue's News
This PC games news site selected the Generator as Link of the Day. Thanks to Punisher of CrescentHawks.com and Mitch Amihod for pointing it out. It seems the previous record for hits in a day has only lasted a week. The final tally for the day was 4746 hits! It's also a new record for hits in a week with 9056 hits. (7 Mar 2001)
InkTank.com - Home of Angst Technology
This web comic's author saw the link at Striptease (below), and found it so funny, he linked to us. We're glad he did because it seems to have led to our biggest day ever: 2487 hits on 28 Feb 2001! We also seem to have set a new record for the week with only one hit shy of 7000 hits. (27 Feb 2001)
Striptease: The "Comic Book" Comic Strip
The author of this web comic chanced upon the Generator and decided to link to it from his main page. Despite what the name might lead you to believe, the comic is not adult entertainment. (26 Feb 2001)
Collector Times.com
The January 2001 edition (vol. 5, no. 10) of this webzine did a brief, but favorable review of the Generator. (12 Jan 2001)
Yahoo! Cool Sites
Simon Powell told me the Generator was listed in an e-mail from Yahoo! about "cool websites." Unfortunately, he deleted it before mailing me. If anyone has a copy, I'd like to see it. (c. 8 Jan 2001)


This Irish site for women included us in Total Cult, they're weekly(?) list of themed links. The theme this time was name generators. (6 Oct 2000)
This large British ISP listed the Generator on their front page in the "Weird of the Web" section. (18 Aug 2000)
Steve Jackson Games Illuminated Site of the Week
SJ Games, creators of Illuminati, Car Wars, and other interesting games, gave us this award. They're also the first to ask whether it's a useless generator of heroes or a generator of useless heroes. The former was intended, but the latter might not be too far off either. Thanks to Dave Walsh for suggesting the Generator to them and my friend Chris Specker for letting me know. (And Eric Olsen for also mentioning it before I had a chance to add it to the list.) The first day it was listed, the site received 1642 hits; a new record! (If I were paranoid, I might make something of the fact that it's the same numbers as our previous record (1426) rearranged.) But for the entire week's hits, it was only our fourth busiest. (Week starting 26 May 2000) Fnord!
This site has a rather eclectic list of categories in which they rank sites. They've added the Generator under Useless Pages. (9 May 2000)
PopTop Software
The makers of Railroad Tycoon II decided to mention the site for no particular reason, too. (See the entry immediately below if you don't know why I say "too.") (21 Apr 2000)
Mare Crisium
This developer is working on a PC game called "Stars! Supernova." Although it has nothing to do with their game, they listed it just because they liked it. (17 Apr 2000)
This site belongs to Spray Networks in Italy. I don't know how often it's updated, but for some time the Generator was listed under "Dr. Sprash! consiglia" ("Dr. Sprash advises"), saying, "just what it promises... generates you a superhero!" (c. 18 Apr 2000)
This new "online entertainment magazine" picked the Generator as "Link of the Day" for their Daily Grind.
The web site for the new men's magazine, Maxim, selected the Generator as one of three web sites featured in their "Stupid Fun" section for a week. This seems to have resulted in over 300 hits per day, with several over 500. (Because of questionable content, I'm not providing a direct link for the sake of the many children who visit this site.) (16-22? Mar 2000)
Young Justice (German edition)
A comic fan identified only as Tom tells me that the Generator is mentioned in the March issue of the German edition of Young Justice (#2). It's in the "Surfen mit Robin" column, where it rated 3 out of 5. (Tom says, "Surfen mit Robin" roughly translates to "Surf the Web with Robin".) (Mar 2000)
This list of funny sites added the Generator under Useless Pages. I didn't submit the site to them myself, either. (17 Jan 2000)


This role-playing game site lists the Generator in their humor page. (Early Dec 1999)
Pop Culture Junk Mail
This site is sort of a weblog that "features links to pop-culture-themed web sites." Don't expect to see every 'blog that links to the Generator here, but this one seems to account for a fair amount of today's hits. By the way, Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, the webmaster, found it at Willa's site immediately below. (2 Dec 1999)
Willa's Journal
This site is the weblog of Willa G. Cline. She mentioned the Generator in her December 1st entry. She also added it to her Mood Swings site as a "Fun Link." This site is sort of a personal set of links enjoyed by Willa put on the 'net for everyone to enjoy. (1 Dec 1999)
Minister of Information
This column by John Murrell appears in the San Jose Mercury News. The Generator appeared in a list of sites for his readers' "weekend Web wandering pleasure." Mr. Murrel credits Sally Towse as contributing the link. (28 Nov 1999)
Charlotte (North Carolina) Observer
Artie Beaty says the Generator was mentioned in the Click section. (25 Nov 1999)
Roadside Attractions
First I got a message from Keith Parrish pointing out a mention in the technology section of the Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) Times Leader on 15 Nov 1999. Then Stephen Mendenhall told me he saw the Generator in this syndicated column by Dave Farrell in a paper on 18 Nov 1999. When Mr. Parrish sent me a clipping, it turned out to be the same column, so thanks to both of them. (14 Nov 1999)
The New York Times
Antonio Orrantia was kind enough to tell me that the Generator was mentioned in The New York Times' "Circuits" section, p. 12 under the Browser column (A Selection of Eclectic Sites & Events). For at least a short time, you can read the article at their web site. (4 Nov 1999)
This webzine(?) featured the Generator as one of two "linkage" sites on this day. They had this to say: "A geek toy that can actually be a lot of fun. It will randomly generate for you a new Superhero character, some of which are quite funny." (2 Nov 1999)
It seems a second adult site works in conjunction with the first (see below) to archive previous "Useless Sites of the Day." Between carry-over from the first site up until they changed the link (from midnight to no later than 9:00 a.m. CDT) and traffic from the archive at this second site, we set yet another new record for our busiest day with 1426 hits. There are no immediate signs that the number of hits will return to their old level (100-200 hits per day), but I don't expect any more record-breaking days. (13 Oct 1999)
This site picked the Generator as "Useless Site of the Day," resulting in our new single busiest day ever with 1256 hits! (That's more hits than we usually get in a week!) I have mixed feeling about this, however, because it is a site of adult links. I'm aware that many kid-safe sites link to the Generator, so I won't give any more information than that. (And please don't ask.) (12 Oct 1999)
Blinker Fluid.com
"Stupid links for stupid people." I was too stupid to find it until June 2000. (Oct 1999)
SurfBeat - Wacky Web
GTE.net listed the Generator in this column of their monthly, online newsletter. (But it took me until May 2000 to find out about it.) (Sep 1999)
Weekly Wire
Or is it the Weekly Alibi? It's hard to tell since I just found out about this listing in late April 2000. Anyway, this article, called "Roll the Dice" by Devin D. O'Leary, is about "random stuff on the WWW." (30 Aug 1999)
Diário de Notícias OnLine
This Portugese site included the Generator as one of its sites of the day (Os "sites" do dia) for 14 May 1999. For those of you (like me) who don't read Porugese, here's a rough translation I cleaned up after Alta Vista's Translation service went through it:
After all, it still has heroes
The heroes that we find on this page are not equal to those that exist in our small imaginations[?], like Spider-Man or Superman. Also they are not the modern heroes like Robocop. But there are heroes here, have no doubt, with costume, supernatural weapons, and powers. In the digital age, a generator of super-heroes at home.hiwaay.net/~lkseitz/comics/herogen was created, where you can choose the hero you want to be: the name, the features, the powers, the transportation, and the weapon.
Let me know if you can translate "Diario de Noticias" or "imaginário desde pequenos." (14 May 1999)
The Globe-Guardian
This humor site selected the Generator as one of half a dozen Ludicrous Links for March 1999. (1 Mar 1999)
Humor Daily Surprise
I didn't find it until June 2000, but the Generator was featured at this "Funny Site of the Day" portion of the Mike Durrett Show. (8 Jan 1999)


Mary Cooper let me know she found my site "listed on Cox@Home's WebWaste page, under the 'best of useless diversions' category. The page is proprietary to the ISP, so here's what they said about it...
Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
Super-duper man?: Being a superhero isn't easy. You have to have a cool name, magical powers and impressive weapons. Sometimes you're an ugly mutant; other times you can look rather silly in a cape, mask and tights. Lee's here to help. Go from Super Guy to Omega Dragon in minutes."
(Late Dec 1998)
These car racing enthusiasts from down under (New Zealand, not Australia) chose the Generator as "Alt Site of the Week." (16 Dec 1998)
NRK - Petre
This site is in Norwegian and the on-line translator we tried using didn't do such a good job, so we're not entirely sure what it's about. But they listed us in their Nine-11 links section, which seems to have resulted in quite a few hits. (9 Dec 1998)
Yahoo! Internet Life -- Pretty Strange Sites
The folks at Yahoo! Internet Life must really like this site. We've now been picked as a Pretty Strange Site of the Day. The best part is, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we appeared there for five days! Thanks to Scott Mohnkern for letting us know. (25 Nov 1998)
sCary's Shuga Shack
They selected us as a Wack Link, which seems be the cause of our single busiest day ever! We got 580 hits, which is about five times the norm. The next day we had over 300 hits, but then it was back down to normal. The weirdest part is all they put down was the URL; no title or explanation! (24 Sep 1998)
CRAPCO Comedy Connection
The humor editor included the Generator as part of "Un-Catagorizable Humor" week and sent us a nifty animated GIF to let recognize this honor. (18 Sep 1998)
Marrit Ingman sends word that this technology publication native to San Diego, CA. included the Generator in their Comic-Con issue. (7 Aug 1998)
Tom Russell, Jr. has brought back Action Legion Poland in their own "graphic novel." You can read it by following this DejaNews query. (Posted 21 Jul 1998)
It seems a group of a.c.f posters have created their own super-hero group: The Wondrous Fabu-Friendz! You'd think they'd stop there, but now they're writing adventures for themselves. Check it out. (Began 10 Jul 1998)
Yahoo! Internet Life -- Your Yastrologer
It appears select Leos and Aries are getting the Super-Hero Generator in their list of links from Yahoo! Internet Life's Daily Horoscopes. (Noticed 1 May 1998)
Tom Russell, Jr. used the Generator to create Action Legion Poland and the perplexing Random Battilion of Poland, who appeared in Teenfactor #26, #27, #28, and #29. (Posted Jan-Feb 1998)


(Jackson, Mississippi) Courier-Ledger
The Generator was mentioned in the Southern Style Section. (20 Oct 1997)
Iowa City Press-Citizen
A story stating Terry Hughes unearthed the Generator described it in the "Technology" portion (page 1B) of the "Life" pages. (27 Sep 1997)
The Huntsville (Alabama) Times
James McWilliams called me after seeing the Generator in Wired. He wrote another brief column in Business Bytes about it. (29 Jul 1997)
The August 1997 (5.08) issue of Wired magazine listed us in their Net Surf section (p. 142). (Published Jul 1997)
The Craziest Sites on the Planet Tour
The folks at Very Crazy Productions have honored us again by adding us to their tour. They've also boosted our ratings so that our overall "crazy factor" is now 4.5 (out of 5)! (Added early 1997.)
The April/May 1997 (vol. 2, no. 1) hardcopy issue of EarthLink's monthly newsletter listed this site under Weird Web. (Apr 1997)
The Huntsville (Alabama) Times
James McWilliams, a local reporter, included this site in a column entitled "Winning Local Web Sites." (4 Mar 1997)


Centre for the Easily Amused
Another intrepid hero reports the Generator appears here (under "sites that do stuff"). (Unknown c. 1996)
One prospective hero reports it was Link of the Day on the Microsoft Network. (Nov 1996)
Very Crazy Productions
An "Other Very Crazy Destination" with a "crazy factor" of 3.5. (Added 30 Sep 1996)
Yahoo! Internet Life
The October 1996 (vol. 2, no. 5) issue listed it in the Charts (p. 14) as one of "five sites that will never convince anybody that the net is a serious, practical tool for the advancement of society". (Published Sep 1996)
This: Is Negative Imaging Productions
Michael Friedman used the Generator to create Random Heroes Super-Sized Special #1. (Posted to rec.arts.comics.creative 3 Sep 1996)
Useless Pages
We're officially useless! (Added 1 Jul 1996)
Yahoo! Internet Life -- The Charts
For the week of July 1-8, 1996, one of "seven sites that will never convince anybody that the net is a serious, practical tool for the advancement of society". (1 Jul 1996)
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Hero-at-large, Sean Morgan, has formed an AltaVista query that will list every place with a link to the Generator, except my own pages and Yahoo. At the time he sent it, it contained 33 links. It's grown a bit since then.

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