Super Thanks

A super "thank you" to the following:

Peter and Robert Gillis for creating the original Patented Gillis Superdude Name Maker.

Mark Gruenwald for publishing it. May he rest in peace.

Scott Childers for reminding me exactly where I'd seen the idea originally (Solo Avengers #5).

Francis A Uy for pointing out the existence of a newer version in Hero or Wizard.

Marie E. "Glitch Girl" Antoon for informing me it was Wizard #31 (March 1994) and sending me an HTML formatted copy with pictures!

Peter Bruells for suggesting the Marvelizer.

Thane Williams for pointing out the Centre for the Easily Amused link.

Sean Morgan for sending an AltaVista query to get all sites with links to the Generator.

Michael Pastor for suggesting that or reminding me to have weapon and vehicles based on names come from either name, not just the first.

Mitch Epley for pointing out the bLink listing.

Craig Jackson for suggesting multiple source entries for the most common names (Super, Captain, Woman, Boy, etc.). As he points out, the Anti-Clone Guarantee should keep it from getting out of hand.

Kev Vance for making me aware of the Wired magazine, Net Surf listing.

Michael Pastor and C.B. Fuller for reminders and inspiration to do super power generation.

Bob McDonald for making me aware of the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper article.

Carson Chittom for letting me know about the (Jackson, Mississippi) Clarion-Ledger newspaper article.

Marrit Ingman for letting me know about the ComputorEdge article.

Mary Cooper for sending me what Cox@Home said about the Generator.

Jeff Hill for informing me of the Totalise link.

Wayne Jerles for a spelling correction in one of the source files.

The following for additional name and/or other entries:
Ran Hardin, Michael Friedman, Cliff L. Biffle, Brian Brus, J. D. Brittingham, Tommy B., Marie E. "Glitch Girl" Antoon, Luke Gattuso, Craig Jackson, Mary Gardiner, Richard Hadley, Merendino Cortese, C.B. Fuller, Chris Goodwin, Kyle, Tom Russell, Daniel Dharmasurya, Mike Supina, Laura Blackwell, Markus Wolf, Phil Gregory, Nolan J. Werner, Matt Schmitt, Scott Mohnkern, Chris Innes, Mornington Lockett, Mike Stempien, Stephen Mendenhall, Stan Kost, Justin Thomas. Don Weaver, Peter Berard, Tom White, Stacie Norrell, Joshua Howard, The Hexogon, Stuart, Jerry Whitworth, Chris Cameron, Sagittaria, Eric Hjelmgren, and Stacey M. Bliss.

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