Secret Origin of the Generator

One day, while in the shower (where all good ideas are thought of), Lee's (who seems to enjoy writing about himself in the third person or using the royal we) mind was wandering. He started thinking about something he'd seen in an old Marvel comic book. It was two columns of names. The idea was that you select one from each to get the name of a new super-hero. For example, if you picked "Blue" from column A and "Star" from column B, your new hero's name would be "Blue Star". Anyway, he suddenly decided it would be neat to have the computer randomly generate names. And why not put it on the WWW for everyone to enjoy?

It turns out the comic book in question was Solo Avengers #5. He was also later informed that Wizard #31 (March 1994) contained an article that gave "ten easy steps for creating gritty, cutting-edge comic book characters."

He has several enhancements in mind. (See the Next Issue Box for details.) He intends to implement these as time allows.

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Created: 3 Apr 1996; Last Modified: 12 Nov 1998