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The United States is willing to defy allied opinion because of... an excess of pride born of power. Power has a way of undermining judgment, of planting delusions of grandeur in the minds of otherwise sensible people and otherwise sensible nations.

      — Former Senator James William Fulbright, The Arrogance of Power (ISBN 0812992628), 1966

What I've been doing recently (2008-9-21)

I'm working for VMAX Technologies, a company spun off from Perry Slingsby Systems. Both companies are owned by Triton Group Holdings. I do software development work on their simulator that helps train operators of robots used for construction and maintenance tasks underwater, often on the seafloor.

I also bought a house; that has been keeping me busy. I've been putting some of the crazy and fun stuff I find along the way on a web log. I have also posted a number of pictures on Google's Picasa and some more on Flickr.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Game Design and Development from Full Sail a while ago and then worked for Full Sail. I also recently released a personal project of mine, a game called Retro Tank Super Attack. I've been developing my own software on both Linux (Gentoo) and Windows.

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I started this web site around 1996, and some of it is pretty old. I did clear out the old junk, but that does leave some old un-junk mixed in with newer stuff. Be kind, and consider the posted revision date.

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