Dragon*Con 2002

Updated 2003-4-16
Some pictures of Virgina Hey, Kent McCord, and Lani Tupu added
I attended Dragon*Con 2002 from Friday morning until noon Monday. I took my Canon Optura Pi miniDV camcorder with me, along with a tripod, and used 9 tapes. I recorded MST3K stuff, Farscape stuff, the B5 reunion, the end of the Dawn look-alike contest, the end of the costume contest, and costumes in the hotels (every day except Monday -- not many costumes that day). This video will slowly make its way onto DVD, and still images, too.


I've got several panels on DVD, but no costumes yet. I should have used tapes either for panels or costumes, but I didn't so that I could minimize the required number of tapes. As a result, I think 8 of the 9 tapes have some costume video. I won't make that mistake again.

I plan on eventually putting everything onto DVD. I estimate it'll take 7 disks; I've decided to use fairly constant high bit rate video to maximize visual quality, so each panel video takes up a whole disk. Good DVD-R's cost $2.10 now (including jewel case), so its not horrible.

Still images

In chonological order of the events:
Kent McCord (R) and Virgina Hey (L) Panel featuring Virgina Hey and Kent McCord who both acted on Farscape, among many other things.
This is on DVD.
Lani Tupu Panel featuring Lani Tupu, who played two characters on Farscape, among other things.
This is on DVD.
Boba Fett Sunday night before the costume contest
Major Kusanagi The costume contest
(Images start after the awards have been given (something to do with lack of light))
Speed Racer Sunday late night after the costume contest
(More Speed Racer!)
The Babylon 5 Reunion panel.
This is on DVD.
Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy The After MST3K panel with Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy.
This is on DVD.

All video was recored a full frame at a time (progressive scan). The still images are taken from the video. Because of this, their quality and resolution is far below most digital still photo cameras, however, I have a vast many more images to chose from. Other sites will have higher quality images; soon, this site will have a higher quantity of images (548 and growing).

I have altered the source images to have square pixels for proper viewing on computers, and have compressed them some to make room for more images. I have not destroyed the unaltered source images, but they are not on this site. If you really want a source image (720x480, 4:3 aspect ratio, ~200KB JPEG), then email me with the image name(s).

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