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The best way to watch bad movies! You get a guy and two robots at the bottom of the screen who make fun of the movie the whole way through. They make references to literature, current events, politics, other movies, and just about anything else.

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The official web site is hosted by the Sci-Fi channel, who also airs the latest episodes. This is my most disorganized page. Enjoy!

I have a vision: MST3K on DVD! I came up with this idea even before Rhino shipped their first MST3K DVD. Now, I have around 16 episodes on DVD that Rhino didn't do.

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They even had a movie, although the movie people dulled it some.

MST3K References

I mean references to MST3K. Take a look.

Famous people in bad movies

Famous in their own way. (Pictures here were taken prior to the DVD effort)
[Soon] Joe Don Baker, who was featured in Mitchell and Final Justice.
[Likely never] John DeLanciein SST: Death Flight, where he was not omnipotent.
[A cowboy scientist!] Clint Eastwood appeared as a lab assistant in Revenge of the Creature
[Peter Graves] Peter Graves in parts: the clonus horror. He can also be found in Attack of the Eye Creatures, Beginning of the End, It Conquered the World, and SST: Death Flight.
[In a suit, coat, and tie?] Alan Hale, Jr., who appeared in Angles' Revenge, The Crawling Hand and The Giant Spider Invasion. Its no surprise his major role was a goofy character.
[Use your imagination] Gregory Peck and Gene Hackman in Space Travelers
[No imagination, no picture] Robert Heinlein, the author of the story that Project Moon Base is based upon.
[Swim suit time!] Kathy Ireland, who was in Alien form L.A., and some other laughable films, proving that models are not necessarily actors.
[Large, lumbering, bald man] Tor Johnson, who played Lobo, a character who took some classes at Devry (spelling?) for Bride of the Monster. He also appeared in The Unearthly and The Beast of Yucca Flats.
[Later] Raul Julia, who played Aram Fingal and Nick in Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Who is scarier: Fingal or Adams?
[Krankor] Krankor in Prince of Space

Listen to Krankor laugh about the fate of the Price of Space (Duke of Puddles made no personal appearance)

[The tongue!!] Leslie Nielsen, who had a part in City on Fire.
[A magician in a funny hat] Jack Palance, who graced numerous scenes in Outlaw and Angels' Revenge.
[Donald Pleasence] Donald Pleasence in Puma Man (pictured) and Warrior of the Lost World
[Use your imagination] Leonard Maltin. They joked about the ratings he gave a few movies in a skit in the episode with Laserblast. He made a real appearence in a skit during season 9.
[KTMA -- too old] Tom Selleck portrayed McCauley the early Superdome episode.
[Hoodlum in a car] Mel Torme, who appeared in Girls Town.
[Black & white image of a writer at work] Jules Verne, who wrote the basis of the story used for Alien from L.A.
[Standing next to himself] David Warner, who arrested himself in Quest of the Delta Knights.
[A grave] H.G. Wells, contributor of stories that where mutilated to form Riding With Death and Village of the Giants.
[A conductor] John Williams, who composed the music in Daddy-O.

Bombshell skit

Have you seen that movie Bombshell that the Sci-Fi channel made? Living up to their reputation, it has no plot. I watched and joked the whole way through so that I could write this skit for you. Its made for the end of the film.

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