Here are a few of my personal projects. Most of them are based around the PIC microcontrollers, but the newest are games. Enjoy!

Retro Tank Super Attack
Updated 2007-6-1

This is a simple to play networked shooting game I've been working on. It features graphics and game-play like an Atari 2600, but has the benefits of modern networked computing. The battle fields can be larger than the player's view and are read in from a text file that you can modify to make your own.

The only thing I haven't yet got is a good installer for Windows or any installable package for any Linux distribution. Read up on running the game for quickie instructions on the installation.

I seldom have a chance to use a Mac, so I have nothing for it. Hopefully the source will build on Mac OS X and the game will work. That was the intention, anyway, and I did get an early build of the game working using the Unix-style build process with linking to Unix-style libraries. That requires building the SDL dependencies from source.

RTSA running on Gentoo Linux
Finished 2007-7-26

This is a lab I wrote for the Game Networking class of Full Sail's Game Development degree program. It is a fairly simple RTS style game with up to four players.

The game uses TCP to ensure all the data sent actually gets to the other end, or the program gets an error. The server uses select to handle multiple players on the same thread. The students get to write all the networking code and must protect data across threads.

I designed the game and GUI code so that the students wouldn't need to worry about them. I limited their interface and made them as simple as possible to use. They are also well documented with the help of Doxygen.

The rendering engine is the same one used with Retro Tank Super Attack. Here, it is used to display menus with alpha blended backgrounds and selections. Conquest shows some bugs in the renderer that I missed earlier.

Conquest running on Gentoo Linux
Seikitai Conflict

This is a game I helped make while I was a student at Full Sail. It is a fighting game where the players roam a 3D environment, can attack any other player, and chose which limbs to attack with and which to strike. My contributions to the group project were:

The project is a tad too large to post in its entirety here, but here is the technical documentation (zip file) I generated for the group. I acted as the group's tech lead, so I was responsible for maintaining it and writing many of the parts that aren't a code reference. The archive includes all of Doxygen's output, which includes quite a few files. Open index.html for the main page.

Memory Module for the Atari 2600 and 7800

This gizmo uses serial comminication over a controller port to allow games to save and load data to an EEPROM without preventing the port from being used with controllers. It also can read input from an unmodified Playstation controller and provide output as a joystick or steering controller.

The remaining items are all from my microcontroller projects.

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