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My Published Writing ...

(as C. Richard Patton, mostly)

Me (Unpublished, except here, of course) ...

The early years (1962 - 1980)...


The middle years (1981 - 1986)...

Miami, 1993

More recently (1987 - Present)...

Poker Probabilities
Ascii Art Spider
Ligers and Latches and Hair -- Oh My
Lock, Stock and Barrel Days (aka "Dianes")

My Family ...

My Grandfather Patton...

The Little Wanderer
Adventures of Wishbone

My Dad...

AFC Chairmans Letter (November, 2005)

My Son Nathaniel...

Graduation Autograph (2007)
Prattling On On Prattling (2005)
The Dragon (Part I)
The Dragon (Part III)
The Dragon (Part IV)
The Hatchet Lady

My Daughter Caralyn...

Spelling Contractions

My Niece Lisa...

Island Girl Blog
Chocolate Zoom Magazine

My Friends ...

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