Allegheny Foothills Chapter of the New York Forest Owners Association Chairmain's Letter 11/2005

by Dick Patton

NOTE: On November 16th (2005), Dick stepped out the front door of a local restaurant and fell through an open, unexpected, unmonitored trapdoor onto a dirt floor 10 feet below. Both legs are broken, but he is recovering nicely at home after brief hospital and rehab center stays. He is looking forward to rejoining all his activities as soon as possible. Carol Patton


Lewis Carroll had it right when he dumped Alice down a "rabbit hole" and into a "wonderland". My fall was through a trap door, down 10 feet into a dark cellar, bumping the rungs of a ladder all the way. And it became a "wonderland" of EMT's, ambulance ride, ER, MD's, RN's, X-rays, MRI's, equipment I can't name, and numbers and paperwork. Now it is PT, OT, a wheelchair and 8 weeks of "non-weight bearing" and then learning to walk again. All because I broke both legs in that fall.

The connection to NYFOA and the Allegheny Foothills Chapter and all forest lovers??? Get out there and enjoy your woods, plan for them and do today what you are able. I already miss the walking and checking my trees, planning the thinning and harvesting, making food plots and plantings.

In my role as master forest owner I miss walking your forests and sharing your plans. As your chairman I shall also miss some events and woodswalks. So take your walks, plan your plans, dream your dreams. You never know when that "rabbit hole: will take you into strange places and keep you from your special places in Nature's "wonderland".

  Semper Fi,