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"The Boy Trapper" ebook: Regular Lum and Abner show listeners are familiar with the oft-mentioned "Gilbert, The Boy Trapper." To my knowledge, no book with this exact title actually exists. Nevertheless, second-hand information indicates that script-writer Roz Rogers, needing a title for this fictional book, looked to his bookshelf for aid. Could this book have been his inspiration? There is no "Gilbert" mentioned; however, this title and two other books within the "Boy Trapper" series were reprinted in the early 1900's as a single bound volume. Perhaps Gilbert was introduced elsewhere in the series----?

November 1933

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TWENTY-TWO AFRS Melody Round-Up shows can be accessed through my folder on Mediafire.
A number of these feature Lum & Abner as hosts. Now you can hear what was on the other side as well.
Note that these came directly from transcription discs, and were probably not heard by U.S. audiences.
They were produced as entertainment for our service men and women in the Armed Forces in the WWII era.

Click here to access the mediafire folder for AFRS MELODY ROUND-UP shows

Thanks to Mike, these can be accessed through the internet archive organization:

Click here to access the Melody Round-Up folder at

On June 25, 2005 They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree was sung at the close of the
National Lum & Abner Society convention in Mena, Arkansas

The internet archive at has many OTR mp3s for download. Simply type in the name of the radio show you want into their search engine.

Thank you Mike Davis for the links!



Lum &Abner's song: Someone Waiting Just For Me

While Lum and Abner endorsed many products, this was not one of them.

*Multimedia Presentation*
SEVEN (7) Lobbycards from

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download zipped executable file, @ 7.65MB

Lum on "To Tell The Truth"
(The mp3 file and mpeg movie file have been removed to allow room for other
material but these pics remain for reference and your viewing pleasure.)

To Tell The Truth with guest Chester W. Lauck (Lum)
August -20-1957
Host (above): Bud Collyer (Superman)

Panel (below): Polly Bergen, Ralph Bellamy, Kitty Carlisle, and Hy Gardner

(This pic was created by stitching still frames together. Fortunately the panel didn't move much and there was overlap between frames, so perspective was virtually maintained in this "panoramic" view.)

Guests: Chester Lauck of Lum and Abner,
Delores Shorty - Miss Indian America 1957,
and Michael MacDoogle - Gambling Detective

Interesting to note: Hy Gardner asks the contestants if they know "Dinty Doyle".
Could he have meant "Betty Boyle," one of the L&A scriptwriters?

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Extry; MP3 clips for your answering machine:
NEW 12-15-2002)

Answering Machine Message #1 (158 Kb @ 11 seconds)

Answering Machine Message #2 (124 Kb @ 15 seconds)

Answering Machine Message #3 (293 Kb @ 37 seconds)
(longer version of #2)

Answering Machine Message #4 (100 Kb @ 12 seconds)

Answering Machine Message #5 (104 Kb @ 13 seconds)

Need an mp3 player? Free FreeAir MP3 player available for download

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If in Arkansas, be sure to stop at the Lum 'n Abner Museum and Jot 'em Down Store in Pine Ridge,Highway 88, Phone #870-326-4442

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If using Internet Explorer, a midi file should start playing when the page opens. The title is "Down On The Old Party Line," written by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Elsie Mae Emerson. I've made slight adjustments in the performance of this midi file which can be downloaded by right clicking the following link and choosing "save as": Down_On_The_Old_Party_Line.mid

Here's another related Lum and Abner song:
To download, right click and "save as": O-o-oh_Wonderful_World.mid
Or to view the score and lyrics using the Noteworthy Composer program, right click and "save as": O-o-oh_Wonderful_World.nwc

Did You Know?
I'll add to this list as material comes to mind. If you have any additions let me know.

Abner (Norris Goff) appeared on the Andy Griffith show? In episode 161 (160) "Opie's Job" Norris Goff appears as Mr. Doakes. Opie vies for a job at the grocery store.

"Opie" on the Andy Griffith show received his name in honor of Opie Cates, band leader and actor in the Lum and Abner's half-hour shows?

Norris Goff also appeared on Gomer Pyle as his grandfather?

Lum and Abner appeared on The Jack Benny Show pilot T.V. show on May 8, 1949 with The Andrews Sisters, Isaac Stern and Margaret Whiting?

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff were members of the Order of De Molay, a youth organization designed to benefit fatherless boys?

Chet Lauck was a Barbershopper, belonging to the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA)? He also emceed the charter show for the Hot Springs Fun City Chapter, September 17, 1977, with 1,400 people attending in an un-airconditioned auditorium.

Elizabeth Taylor's 33-karat Krupp diamond was once offered to Chet Lauck by Vera Krupp, the actress?

The place where Carole Lombard died in a plane crash was Red Rock Ranch (AKA Bar Nothing Ranch, and more recently Spring Valley Ranch), owned by Chet Lauck? It is now a state park. [Error correction: Previously this page listed Mr. Goff as co-owner of the ranch, duplicating the error of the linked site. Mr. Lauck was the only owner. Thanks to "Uncle Donnie" Pitchford for catching this mistake.]

Grandpa Jones, of "Hee-Haw" and Grand Ol' Opry fame, and banjo-picker extraordinaire, did some of his earliest work in the Lum and Abner house band, "The Pine Ridge String Band" in the early 1930's?

Betty Boyle, a Lum and Abner show scriptwriter, operated a ladies' shop at the famed Desert Inn in Las Vegas?

That Lum and Abner were National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame Honorees in 1983?

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff (incorrectly listed as "M"orris) are listed as Theta Sigma alumni alongside notables such as John Wayne, David Letterman, and Tom Selleck?

Bea Benederet (Betty Rubble of the Flintstones) played Mrs. Wormley on the Lum and Abner Show?

Lum and Abner wrote a song?

Mr. Ludy Wilkie, who has written a fantastic Lum and Abner play in two acts, has sent along these additional bits of interesting trivia gathered from the Jot 'Em Down Journal: